Dear Fellow New Yorker,

The illegal use of bath salts and other synthetic drugs has become increasingly widespread and poses a serious threat to public health and safety in New York State. This year, there have already been 191 emergency room visits in upstate New York as a result of using bath salts. These visits show a drastic increase from the 39 reported visits in 2011.

To combat this dangerous rise in synthetic drug use, Governor Cuomo announced new regulations yesterday that will help our law enforcement keep these harmful substances from being sold and distributed in New York.

Click here to read more about the new regulations.

In an effort to mask their true purpose, synthetic drugs are marketed as “bath salts” or as “legal alternatives to marijuana.” They are manufactured with a chemical structure similar to illegal controlled substances to avoid existing drug laws. When consumed, these synthetic drugs produce dangerous effects similar to illegal drugs, including hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, suicidal thoughts, and violent behavior as well as chest pains, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rates.

Click here to learn more about synthetic drug abuse. The Governor also announced a new toll-free hotline 1-888-99SALTS (1-888-997-2587). Individuals with information about illegal distribution of bath salts or synthetic drugs are encouraged to call this hotline.

Together, we are working to ensure the safety and protection of all New Yorkers.

The new New York is one that works for you and your family.


The Office of the Governor