Monday Town Board Sidelight:

Councilman Steven D. Sanders interrupted the flow of the Town Board meeting this past MondayAug. 6th, to make an announcement.  He said he has talked with the DEC and DEC workers and was told that our Waster Water Treatment Plant did not dump any chemicals into Tonawanda Creek. 

The public assume that our councilmen will tell the truth concerning Town of Amherst business.  Councilman Sanders purposely mislead the public. Why did Councilman Sanders go out of his way to tell the public this lie?  Was it to help cover the WWTP dumping ammonia as well as other chemicals which destroy the oxygen in the water which, in turn, kill the fish?

His lie has put the public health, wildlife and foliage in jeopardy again.  The DEC  fined Amherst $20,000 for their violations of dumping chemicals in Tonawanda Creek.

“‘Tis a puzzlement.”

James Tricoli,Editor/ Amhersttimes