Seeing People Killing other People

Do we really need to see cops shooting someone as part the way we consume news now?  Apparently, we do.

I was really surprised to see this video of the NYPD taking down the suspect in yesterday’s Empire State Building shooting released as quick as it was.I know we live in a world where the limits of what is acceptable to broadcast on the news are always being pushed.   The competition between who gets our attention in the news game is fierce and our attention is all over the place.

As curious as we are as humans, we can’t resist clicking or tuning in to watch.  Heck, I watched the video myself.

If this is the new norm, what will the next norm will be?  Will showing us these kind of videos make us numb to the reality of what is happening in them?

Convention Season

Bob McCarthy and Brian Myer of the Buffalo News discuss if national political conventions matter.

I think they do.  The conventions allow us to see each party and the message to America they are trying to send.  The political theater here is a great snapshot into the politics of these United States in 2012.

On the flip side, you are not going to get any riveting political drama.

Pics from the Buffalo River

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With the addition of River Fest Park in the First Ward of the B-lo, I love walking along the river all the way down to Canal Side. This area provides a another cool place you can go down to and hang for a couple hours and get a unique visual in Buffalo.

What has been really noticeable this year is the volume of people enjoying the area in different ways…kayaking, walking, biking, reading, etc.  A wonderful transformation of an area that was relatively underutilized a few short years ago.

Speaking of the Buffalo River,  come to the City of Night

I am really looking forward to this event.

The City of Night is the brainchild of the Emerging Leaders in the Arts Buffalo (ELAB) and is the first large scale community event hosted at Silo City.

From Buffalo Rising:

“The event will take off with a bike ride in conjunction with GO Bike Buffalo, starting downtown and ending at the event site. The entertainment list includes art installations, live murals, vendors, historical tours, breakdancers and more.  Performances will be held both on a main stage and throughout the site. Local food trucks will be there, plus a beer and wine tent. Kayak tours and rentals will be offered by Buffalo Harbor Kayak, and the night will end with an audio/visual projection on the grain elevators.”

This map from the City of Night website gives you an idea of what you are in for the event.

A great Buffalo setting for what is shaping up to be a great Buffalo event.  Best of all, IT IS FREE.

Find out more about the City of Night by visiting the website—>

Can the Preseason just be Over

The NFL preseason can’t end soon enough for me. There was a time when I would watch these games from beginning to end trying to get a read on how the Bills were shaping up for the upcoming season.  Not anymore.  I tuned into the first two games for a little bit and just had to tune out.  They games are a bore.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Bills and can’t wait for the season to begin. But as I get older, the importance of the team in the balance of my life diminishes.

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