That One Time the Buffalo Bills won the Super Bowl

Thanks John Voight!

1000% Increase in Sabres Tickets over 30 Years

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I pulled this picture from a 1982 Courier Express. If you compare the numbers on it to the current Sabres ticket prices, it is pretty close to a 1000% increase. It puts into perspective how insane the cost of going to a hockey game has gotten. Look at it this way. I sold the same Courier Express on a street corner and in front of a church making about $35 a week. At the rate Sabres tickets have gone up and if I was still selling papers, I would be be taking home $3500 a week with a 1000% increase.

Even with the 1000% increase, the Sabres have a tough time making money. With that said, the NHL seems to have a problem with a lot of teams having financial problems. The salary structure of the league seems unsustainable. The NHL and its players need to have a reality check and stop viewing itself as a league on par with the other big major league sports in North America. It needs to accept that hockey will never be a popular everywhere and concentrate growing the sport in regions where it is supported on all levels. Think places where snow and ice is part of the weather norm.

We’re Talking Proud

If you are from Buffalo, there is absolutely no way you have not heard the “Talking Proud” song which was the part of the 1980s civic campaign to bolster our city’s self-image and the world’s perception of us.

You have heard the song, but do you know history of the campaign?  The image above gives you a little glimpse into what is was about.

A few months ago, Mike Puma posted a piece on the campaign and its origins over at his Views of Buffalo blog.  It is a great read.  Click here to check it out—>

I love this line from the picture.  “We’re not having riots.”

As Steve Cichon reminded me on Facebook earlier today:

“Before the Blizzard, Buffalo was known around the country for “Race Riots” on the Canadiana in 1956, and then in 1967. Both were well covered nationally.”

Plus, I couldn’t get away with writing about the “Talking Proud” song without posting it here.  Enjoy.

Blow Up the BPS

I wrote this on my blog a little over a year ago.

“When will the state and the BPS realize that radical change is needed in the district?

As with a lot of things in Buffalo, the approach is trying to force a fix on something way beyond the point of fixing inside of  an outmoded system.

What needs to be done is to have the BPS reorganized from the bottom up.

After a plan is developed to reorganize the district, you then go out an hire a super to implement it.

The district can’t keep hiring someone for the top job with the hopes that a single person is going to change everything with his or her plan.  The district needs to take a long hard look at what it is going to take to change things.  If it means blowing up the district in its current form, so be it.”

I still believe it as much today as I did last year.

Bisons Last Day in the Rockpile was 25 Years aago Today

Mike Harrington does an great job covering baseball and the Buffalo Bisons for the Buffalo News.

Today he posted a piece on his Buffalo News’ blog commemorating that day.  The post contains some great audio clips from the game and his memories from the game.

It also included this awesome video.

I worked at the Rockpile selling programs back in 1983. It was the first place I ever saw a professional baseball game back in 1979. For a lot of Buffalonians from my generation, it was our field of dreams.