The Democratic Party of Erie County will soon choose a new Chairman.  Leonard R. Lenihan, the present Chairman, is leaving after serving  10 good years. Our Governor wants Tony Masiello, the former Mayor of Buffalo, to replace Lenihan.  Masiello did a fairly decent job as mayor.

Masiello has already been asked to become the new Chairman.  Presently Tony has an excellent job as a lobbyist in the Albany area.  The company he is part of consists mainly of Republicans.

Tony would take the Chairmanship if the party begs him.  If the people really want Tony to serve they must show him he’s the only one they want.

There are several candidates for Chairmanship of the Erie County Democratic Party.  The list so far consists of four men: Frank C. Max, Jeremy Zellner, James J. Eagan and Marc Panepinto.  Of course the premier choice from Governor Cuomo is former Mayor Tony Masiello.

This endorsement from the Governor doesn’t mean Masiello has it locked up.  Frank C. Max and Jeremy Zellner are the strongest candidates for the Chairmanship.  These men know how the Democratic Party functions in today’s world.  Masiello, since he left local politics, has associated with Republicans.

Our Governor has his choices for public office but often the people have their own choice.  Isn’t this what politics is all about?

Written by James Tricoli, Editor of