The Chairman of the Republican National Committee is enlisting the aid of several Republican and Conservative think-tanks to come up with some way to use President Barack Obama’s recent praise of Anne Hathway in “The Dark Knight Rises” against him, somehow.

Bain! I mean, Bane!!!!

RNC Chair Reinhold Reince Priebus, trying to divert attention from Senator Harry Reid’s accusation of Mitt Romney not paying any taxes in the last ten years, is desparately trying to find a suitable talking point to be used against the President after his comments regarding Anne Hathaway’s performance in the latest Batman movie blockbuster “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Speaking at a Monday evening fundraiser hosted by leftist liberal Hollywood type Communist Harvey Weinstein, Obama said this of Hathaway’s performance as Selina Kyle, aka “Catwoman”:

“She’s spectacular.”

A beaming Hathaway was in attendance when Obama said her Catwoman was “the best thing” about the new Batman movie.

Priebus, after reading the press pool report, immediately contacted The Heritage Foundation and The Cato Institute to come up with a way to somehow use this against the president. Said Priebus in a conference call to the groups:

“I mean, we got plenty to work with. We have Obama taking money from the Hollywood elite, Catwoman’s a thief who steals from the rich (like patriot Bruce Wayne, who supports charity out of his profits until he has no profit due to his abandoning of Big Oil and Gas by wasting money on a fusion energy project) but she plays into the hands of someone who wants to destroy an All-American city (Don’t mention Bane by name though). And she works against the Batman, who has a “tough on crime”  approach (but don’t mention he’s soft on guns)  and probably would fight against illegal aliens if Gotham was in a border state. Shit, we have all the right notes. We just need to boil it down to a simple point that those imbeciles on “Fox & Friends” can say without tripping over their own goddamn tongues!”

Source say that The Heritage Foundation will be releasing press releases tying Obama to a “steal from the rich” Catwoman while The Cato Institute is working to garner Romney endorsements from either Lee Meriweather of Julie Newmar, if either are still alive…