Message sent via the Town Website Employee Directory – Term limits

Supervisor Barry Weinstein and Town Board Members –

Recently, I have heard disturbing reports that the Amherst town board members are planning to rescind the term limits law so that you will all be able to run for reelection beyond the term limits established by that law. Is it possible that you, as elected officials who virtually all ran for office claiming to be reformers, would do such a thing? Clearly, you know that such a move would not reflect the will of the people and will be seen by us as just another politics as usual ploy to enrich and empower yourselves at the expense of the taxpaying public. To say that I would be dismayed and disappointed by any such behavior on your part would be a huge understatement and I will go on record at this time to say that I will do everything in my power to prevent such an action from being successful. You have all been honored by the people of Amherst to hold office so that you can serve us, not yourselves. Please act like you know what it means to be so privileged. If any of you do not understand what it means to do the will of the people, then we the people will rise up together to demonstrate to you what we want from our elected officials. I will personally do everything I possibly can to inform the people about any actions taken by any of you to undo our term limits law and I will devote myself and my efforts to see that anyone who votes to remove that law will not be given any further opportunities to hold office in Amherst.

I do hope I have made myself clear on this very important matter. I would like a response from each of you, my elected representatives, as to your thoughts on this issue. Hopefully, I will hear from you soon.

Thank you,
Allen Coniglio
Amherst voter and taxpayer