The Bills’ secondary is a mix of good and bad, old and unproven. It is a perfect Pu Pu platter. I’m not sure what we have with the secondary. I think we have potential, but we also have a lot of hype. Gilmore has gotten a ton of recognition because of when he was selected. Remember the hype Leodis McKelvin got in 2008? Um, yeah, it was crickets. No one really went apeshit about him. Same goes for Aaron Maybin. Gilmore, on the other hand, has gotten a lot of hype this preseason. The same goes for our safeties. Just a ton of PR. PR means I have to add some reality into the Kool-Aid.

Improvements on the D-line and what they can do for the team has been a recurring theme in my writing. If your D-line can get pressure, your secondary will be better. To me, that’s the reason why the Bills’ pass defense has been anemic over the last 3 years. Keep in mind the numbers (18th worst last year) don’t tell the whole story because the Bills were even worse against the run (28th). The opponents’ offenses could pretty much take their pick on how to attack.  The Bills were only thrown on 507 times last year (tied for 24th), but they gave up 7.7 yards a completion, tied for 8th highest. The Bills were run on 29.2 times a game, ranking 9th, and gave up 19 rushing TDs, which was tied for 2nd most. That should tell you that the Bills’ pass defense ranking was misleading because offenses often just choose to run against us.