Liberty may be endangered by the abuse of liberty, but also by the abuse of power.
-James Madison 

From what I’m told, some members of law enforcement were not happy with one of my recent posts. A member of one of the campaigns for South District Council sent me a picture of a police cruiser parked in front of the Blackthorn at the same time Christopher Scanlon was having one of his fundraisers. The source was upset and said he didn’t think it was right for a police officer, while on duty, to attend a political event.

To me, this was a minor story. I don’t care what people do as long as it doesn’t affect my life. My goal was not to get anyone in trouble, but highlight the fact that Chris Scanlon is the candidate of the status quo establishment. While I’m supporting A.J. Verel, I’ve actually been too busy lately to get involved in the race.  So I was very surprised to hear from a credible source that members of the A District were looking to throw me in the Erie County Holding Center on made up charges. Apparently, it is against the law to charge someone with 1st degree blogging, so the charges would have to be trumped up. I was even told that the plan was to arrest me on a Friday, so I’d have to spend the whole weekend behind bars.  I find it very troubling that anyone would think they could get away with such a thing. I read the story last week about the man allegedly thrown down a flight of stairs while handcuffed. I chose not to print it because there was no proof that it happened and the man in question is a convicted murderer. Out of respect for law enforcement, I decided to give the police officer in question the benefit of the doubt. However, when I hear that certain police officers would entertain the thought of making up charges against a law abiding city resident, it makes me wonder.

In any event, I’ve communicated to the South District Police Chief, through a good friend of mine. I’ve also spoken to my attorney, who happens to specialize in civil rights. He encouraged me to make this post today, in case the people in question decide to follow through on their threat. I’ve never been arrested for anything and the only weapon I carry around is my IPad.

Ironically, I’m not a protester or one of those people who think all cops are no good. I have several friends who are police officers and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. It always annoys me when protesters fight with the police when they are there protesting some bigger power. I guess to them, the police symbolize authority.