The last week was jam-packed with campaign activities including two wonderful days spent at the Wyoming County Fair. Thanks to Cindy Appleton for inviting me to use the Democratic Party’s Booth as a place to hang my hat and meet constituents.  It was a great experience and Cindy was the perfect hostess, even feeding me maple candy, a chicken panini and my favorite…kettle corn!!

Cindy Appleton

While at the booth, I met a representative of the Wyoming County Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE).  Since agriculture is such an essential part of the 147th district, it was great to talk with this person who deals with all phases of the industry….from professional farmers to backyard gardeners.  Yet, I learned the most from this CCE rep when she posed her own question to me.  

She asked what I thought is the largest challenge facing farmers in our state.  I gave her my best shot answer to which she kindly smiled and corrected me by explaining every local farmer’s biggest problem is NYS Government.  It was an answer that I had heard recently from a farmer in my own hometown.

So, rather than write about it, here is 5th generation Eden farmer, George Zittel, explaining the challenges of farming in New York State and what he would do if he could be a NYS government official for a day.  It’s an enlightening answer that reveals the pressure farmers feel in trying to stay current and within the limits of NYS agricultural laws.