Hey! The Bills have another QB….Sigh. Well, they have to work out a contract with him, but it looks like the Vince Young era is coming to an end. Truth be told, I wasn’t going to do a Q&A but because everyone had an opinion about it, I decided, what the hell? The peeps at The Purple Jesus Diaries are in the house to tell me about Tarvaris Jackson. But first, we have Matthew over at Seahawk Addicts to dish the dirt on TJ. It is a more positive review than what the Purple Jesus people had.

1) How did Jackson fair in Seattle last year?

 Better than expected, actually.  When he came to Seattle last year, Vikings fans were more than happy to tell us at length how awful he was.  Then Pete Carroll went ahead and named Jackson the starter not long after signing him, which made the situation worse.  You see, Charlie Whitehurst had been brought in on a trade in 2010 to be Matt Hasselbeck’s heir apparent, and while he struggled for much of that year he put on a great performance in the regular season finale against St. Louis.  Having a johnny-come-lately like Jackson swoop in and deny Whitehurst a legitimate shot at the starting gig didn’t sit right with most of us.  It’s hard to get off to a worse start with a new fanbase than that.