Everywhere you go the story of our nationwide drought is a mainstay of media headlines.  To put this drought into real terms, I went to Brant and interviewed farmer, Marty Rosiek.  Marty and his wife Carolyn have been long standing members of the Eden Valley Growers.  This year they decided to launch their own Community Supported Agriculture Farm (CSA) named, Farm This Way (www.farmthisway.com).


The story of the Rosiek’s CSA is detailed on their website in videos that Marty began posting in early spring when they were high with excitement over their new farming operation.  Sadly, the drought has forced this hard working couple to abandon 90% of their crops to focus on the 10% that they can manage to water twice a week.

This video is a compelling example of the challenges that farmers face in providing us with the wonderful foods that we enjoy everyday in this community.  It also may help us to more fully value the dedication of those who work in agriculture.