by Chris Stevenson

 Not long after the news of the shooting of the worshipers at a Sikh (pronounced sick) by yet another in the long line of Me-Insurgents (me me me), followup reports reveal that Wade Michael Page was a bass player in a White Supremacist/Neo Nazi heavy metal band called End Apathy. I have long known about the so-called hardcore music culture within rock and roll, quite a number are openly racist bands playing for small independent record companies or labels created or owned by and operated by Skinheads or Aryans Nations members and their ilk.

While I support their right to play what they want, if any of them are reading this I must put you on notice of one very small requirement I have for you. Call it my personal code; the African Rock-Snake Mandate. Henceforth all non-black rock musicians and bands playing said type of music widely-known to be under the categories of hard rock, punk rock (Death, 1974. 3 years before the Ramons & Sex Pistols), hardcore, heavy metal (Joe Hill Louis late ’40′s-early ’50′s), speed metal (Bad Brains ’79), gothic, goth, or any other category of music generally associated with rock (including rock’s precursors; ragtime, blues, rhythm & blues, folk, jazz, big band, swing, bebop, do-wop, and of course today’s hip-hop) while concurrently espousing hate and venom for people of African decent should be banned from playing rock music and it’s aforementioned styles.


Marginally talented and full of hate, Wade Michael Page projected several personal failures into external blame through mass-murder-cs

Some of you have already figured out my reason for saying this, but for those of you Wades-in-waiting out there who hate the obvious and pray for answers consistent with your trifling nature, but inconsistent with logic, here it is. Rock and Roll was originated, created, invented-or whatever word best applies-by blacks. Think about this. The music you love the most, comes originally from the people you hate the most. Therefore-believe it or not-I am doing you a favor, I am giving you an out. If you are a white racist, your heritage and our music DO NOT MIX. Therefore STOP PLAYING IT! Stop in the name of Hate. Get the Hell off our Cloud!

Music over the ages has been used to stir various emotions whether for good or bad reasons. Blacks in this country formulated the African music they imported from mostly West-Africa while receiving little-or no acknowledgment for their brilliance. Thomas Jefferson in his Notes on the State of Virginia suggested that blacks lacked the ability to love, and reason. His comments in regards to blacks and music had him speaking out of both sides of his mouth; on one hand he felt blacks were more gifted than whites when it came to rhythm, but not when it came to melody or harmony, these were much too complicated for us in his view. Some forms of music blacks created-like jazz and roll & roll-generally must survive repeated attempts by white writers to credit a white musician with originating it. So what am I saying? Well I’m just tired that’s all. I’m tired of white racist perverting other race’s inventions into instruments of destruction. Therefore I say it’s time to change some of these twisted bands musical instruments. 

Most kids and young adults today are generally held captive by whatever networks and radio stations play today, the networks have carefully and conscientiously omitted how their style of music was made and who initially were the first to play it. The trick is to make you assume whites originated ti. Today it’s much better than 30-40 years ago, because we didn’t have a VH1 or any “History of Rock & Roll” shows on cable that give a more accurate and balanced view of music history. And we certainly didn’t have the internet and Youtube. We were stuck. I say that because r&b, rap and hip-hop are strictly synonymous with black music. The truth is African Americans have originated every kind of music in the post-colonial US with the exception of bluegrass and country and western. That’s pretty damn good for people who don’t understand melodies or harmony.











One of the veterans of heavy metal guitarists is Parliament/Funkadelic’s Mike Hampton wearing his famous goalie-mask-cs

Black music covers a whole array of genre’s I mentioned above, plus gospel, acid rock, progressive rock (i.e. prog-rock), fusion. Rockabilly is just a form of country and western and rock and roll (Not claiming surf music or disco, ya’ll can have it) What am I saying again? In spite of much of the white race in America being a very hyper-active people, they did NOT create rock and roll or rock, as it is known today. At least 4/5ths of American music is black music. We didn’t even get into music from blacks and Hispanics from the islands, like salsa, calypso and reggae. Or music from various countries in Africa. American radio stations without any presence of black slavery or African influence is just 24 hours of bagpipes, banjos, violins and xylophones.

Now all you guys in these so-called “White Power” bands have a lot to think about.  Your history in music is deep, but pretty much only in Europe. Most of the music whites originated started in various parts of Europe. The 11th Century being cited as the earliest period. During this time classical was the most dominant Euro-music created, and several key musical instruments were made or used. Of course this is not to imply there would be a Motown, Hendrix, or Aretha coming straight out of Africa either. Black music in America, as I said before, evolved out of the pain of slavery, torture, lynchings. The most coveted instrument of the pain has been the guitar. Invented of course way before rock & Roll, but whose strings can be effectively incorporated into any style of music.

The band Page was a member of; End Apathy played for a Maryland-based label that is literally listed by the ADL as a racist-Skinhead group called Label 56. They say there are hundreds of these racist bands in the US and Europe. Of course one of the main appeals for these amazingly dumb and gullible kids is the “defying authority” angle to their music. As with any other peer-pressure that becomes viral like for example tattoos, and pants-saggin’, the amount of people doing these things become so numerous, that to not wear tats or sag is defying authority by default. Which puts them in good company; the far-right conservatives.

Much of popular music from the babyboom era originated from groups or bands born in the projects and first exposed at house parties, or suburban garages. This music generally brought people to together of all races and ethnicity while they were struggling until some of them became nationally famous and were forced to work for racially-divisive record executives, concert promoters, and radio stations, and later on a music-video network called MTV. Therefore we as blacks are not new to some white corporate moguls institutionalize our own creation. But we can put a stop to most of this hate-rock by voicing our disapproval of the official perversion of a black art-form, and calling for them to change their style of music to white-originated music (even given that some classical composers were part-black) if they want to aim it against us. This would be the reversal of what much of the record industry did to black performers on many occasions throughout history; prohibit blacks from playing any other kind of music except what the suits wanted. After all, you can’t claim it if you’re not allowed to play it.

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