by Zachary Husser

46 Days to Victory is on my mind and I want to leave a few points to my Family of Friends Network so We stay focused, do exactly what WE must, don’t believe the hype, and regardless of what the Republican Party does, they can’t make Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan anything they’re not!

In this case, both Romney and Ryan are Racist Supremacist and I base what I say on the very things the two men say when they believe they’re talking to the Utah Class or their home town folks! It’s very fortunate that We, the public, got the opportunity to see and hear what Romney “Really” believes about a great many of Us! His words can not be changed or hit with Republican campaign jargon to make Us believe anything but what we saw and heard! I state that if YOU’RE ONE of the Folk that go for the recreated, repackaged,and for the tenth time changed Romney, then YOU have a serious problem about this Presidential run for the next Commander in Chief and your Vote is strictly about Race!

This is the “Time” that We can take Our Country Back! Yes, those of Us in the 47% Group Must Go To The Polls In “Numbers” never before registered in a Presidential election! We must re-elect President Barack Obama because he’s the most qualified, knows more about how to help all of the people as well have programs to do just that. He’s the smartest President we’ve had in many decades, his command of the issues as well as coming up with solutions that a President can propose is better than anyone we’ve ever seen because no President has ever been in the position to deal with the critical problems the 44th President of the United States inherited. Additionally, We NEED President Barack Obama because he represents every American in and out of the United States of America. Our Country’s respect by other Nations has come to an all time high because Our President is diplomatic as well as skilled at negotiating with other leaders around the World.

In concluding, this is OUR Time and OUR collective Votes can beat back all the money the corporations are people put into the run for president of the Romney/Ryan ticket. Those corporations can’t vote! I’m talking to All of YOU who know the right thing to do and are going out to get your family of friends to help send Romney/Ryan types back to Civilian Life so they can’t hurt anymore United States Citizens from positions of elected political offices! Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, and Vote some more because Our Children’s way of life depends on What We Do Here!

Stay focused, don’t believe the hype, and a elephant will never change into a Lion for Our Causes! It’s just not in the DNA of guys like Romney/Ryan to look out for People like You and I. Vote like Your Life Depends on it because your life and way of life hangs in the balance on the decision we make on November 06, 2012! President Barack Obama is for the People and that’s another reason I’m voting for his re-election! See You at one of the Victory Parties!!! Vote the Victory Party into existence!! I see Victory because WE went to the polls in large numbers and gave President Barack Obama such a big Victory that the President Elect has a “Mandate to Govern” with his plans because WE Voted for his administration and his plans for Our present and future!

Peace and Love To My Brothers And Sisters,

Brother Zachary C. Husser, Community Organizer

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.