How long did it take you to think of Tom Brady after Mario Williams signed?

For me, after Twitter erupted with euphoria, it had to be about 5 minutes. That's what happens whenever you sign a new player with the caliber of Mario Williams. You start thinking about the competition. Happens whenever a CEO hires a hot free agent employee. They think about their enemies. They think about how they can finally beat the competition and become #1. No one fits the enemy better than Tom Brady.

In 20 career games against the Bills, Brady has completed 407-of-621 passes (65.5 percent completions) for 4,830 yards (7.8 yards per attempt) with 46 touchdowns, 17 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 102.2. He only needs five more touchdown passes to break Marino's record for most touchdown passes against the Bills. Keep in mind, Marino did it in 10 more games.

I've always viewed Brady with the utmost respect. He's a master at his position, 40 years from now,  I can picture being in a rocking chair and telling grandkids about how Brady was the best ever and how he'd ruined so many Buffalo home games. Allow me to sound like a Justin Bieber teenage fanatic, but he's perfect in every way. He's well spoken. He's got rings. He's the greatest ever. And he's banging super models. He's everything we wish we could have in a hometown player, not just because he's the best, but because every single guy wants to be him. Of course, he's killed the Bills, so, he has to die.

Here's where Mario Williams comes in.

To be the man, you gotta beat the man. Can Mario be that man?

I wrote about how the Pats are still in my head a few days ago and I have to admit, I'm sick of it. I don't know if another win will cure it, but I do know if Mario can get his hands on Brady, it will be what the doctor ordered. That's exactly why the Bills paid 100-million for #94. It wasn't to beat up Matt Cassel and Brandon Weedon, it was to beat Tom Brady. It was to exercise those terrible demons.

I know there's the famous "We win as a team and we lose as a team" slogan, but let's be fair here, that was some sort of slogan created in order for coaches to take their star players off the hook if they played like crap. Your stars get most of the blame and accolades. After the Jets debacle, who was the player on defense everyone was talking about in a negative light? It was Mario Williams. No one cared that Marcell Dareus or Kyle Williams didn't do much of anything. It was all on Mario. That's what happens when you come in with pageantry and money of Mario Williams.

If Brady comes in and dissects the Bills' defense, Mario will get most of the blame. If we finally see our dream of Brady actually being knocked around and not throwing for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns, Mario will be the toast of the town. That's just how sports work. 

We always joke about how it will be a great day when Brady retires. It will be as if the playing field will finally be leveled. I don't know about you, but that's cheap way of winning. I'd like to chip away at Brady's aura by winning a game or two against him before he retires. I'm not sure if I'll panic if the Bills lose by a large margin, because I still think their schedule works in their favor.

However, what will I think of Mario Williams?

Will he be just a guy who can go after the Brandon Weedens of the world or can he actually knock down the best in the world?

Sunday could be the day in which we know what we have with Mario. Tom Brady isn't getting any younger. Maybe this will be the game that will actually turn the tide between both franchises. A day we can finally go on with our lives in thinking we can slay Goliath at any given time. Mario sure doesn't look like a David, but it would be an upset if he can beat up on Tom Brady.