Amherst, NY – September 10, 2012 – The Amherst Drug Court & Therapeutic Foundation (the “Foundation”) will host a reception in recognition of the Amherst Drug Treatment Court’s 16th anniversary on Thursday, September 20th at 6:30pm at the Sonoma Grille in Snyder (5010 Main Street).  The event sponsor will be the law office of Phillips Lytle LLP.

 Founded in 1996, the Amherst Drug Court has sought to diminish substance abuse, crime and recidivism through a program of intense supervision, treatment and judicial monitoring.  Under the direction of Presiding Drug Court Judge Mark G. Farrell, the Amherst Drug Court has graduated over 2,600 participants, 80% of which have proven to be successful by not relapsing into drug or alcohol use.

 Foundation President Jim Loughran is proud to announce the following 2012 award recipients: Gary Gleba will be honored with the Community Leadership & Major Supporter Award.  Gary is currently General Counsel at West Herr Automotive and provided generous legal counsel and support upon the formation of the Foundation.  He has continued to provide valuable support to the Amherst Therapeutic Courts and other charitable organizations for many years.  The Counselor of the Year Award will be presented to Jodie Altman, Clinical Supervisor of Alcohol & Drug Dependency Services at Renaissance Campus and the Lead Spokesperson for Kids Escaping Drugs.  Finally, a surprise presentation of the Dynamic Leadership Award will be made to a distinguished Western New York honoree for his contributions and dedication to the therapeutic justice system.

 The success of this program has been far reaching.  While directly impacting the lives of the graduates, the program has also provided economic and social benefits to the community at-large in the form of reduced incarceration, more effective treatment and reduced crime in the form of repeat offenses.

 The Drug Treatment Court receives limited public funding.  The Foundation seeks broad based support from all members of the community that the Amherst Drug Court serves and benefits.  The tax deductible donation is $75 per individual or $125 per couple.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization.  For pre-registration information or to purchase tickets, please call (716)632-4876 or visit