Mike Amodeo, Democratic candidate for the New York State Senate’s 60th District, denounced recent figures released* showing $6.8 million of taxpayer money used by Albany lawmakers to send mail to their own constituents from October 2011 to March 2012. When elected, Amodeo pledges to save taxpayers’ money by utilizing email and social media to communicate to his constituents.

“Lawmakers’ mail and printing budgets have been bloated for too long and it’s time to put a cap on it,” Amodeo said. “Mark Grisanti spent $82,000 in six months to send mail to constituents using their own money. He could have been walking door to door, emailing or utilizing social media to get his message out. Frankly, this is a slap in the face to the taxpayers of his district. That money could have been spent on historic rehabilitation projects, waterfront development or supporting cancer research.”

Grisanti’s own website** states his own failed promise to responsibly spend taxpayer dollars. Grisanti says: “Cutting down on pork & perks in Albany is essential in these difficult economic times. One area this is especially prevalent in is with political mailings and per Diem’s.”

“This is just another example in a long line of broken promises,” Amodeo said. “His mailers are nothing more than campaign propaganda disguised as government business. Grisanti’s conference is supposed to stand for fiscal responsibility, but these excesses, frankly, are an abuse of taxpayer dollars. Is it any surprise that the biggest spender of mail is a Republican Senator?”

Amodeo is committed to communicating with his constituents via email and social media at no extra cost to taxpayers. His reform agenda includes many other environmentally-friendly tenants, including banning hydrofracking, expanding Western New York’s green energy sector and supporting the Power for Jobs and ReCharge NY programs. Furthermore, Amodeo will support efforts to cut down on paper used at the Capitol by no longer printing bills and amendments. With all of the recent technological advances, there is no reason why every lawmaker cannot pull up bills on their laptops or tablets.