Yes, Bills fans…

We can come back from the ledge. We don't need to follow David Koresh into a mass suicide. Things aren't perfect and there are still some red flags about this team, but a win is a win. You are suppose to beat bad teams and the Bills did just that.

—After a dogsh#t showing against the Jets' offense last week, the defense was able to rebound against probably one of the worst QBs in the league.  The thing they were missing last week in regards to the defense was the ability to play press coverage. They backed off the WRs which was pretty stupid when you consider that if you have a ferocious pass rush, the opposition will use the short passing game. If you back off on the WRs, the short passing game will eat you alive because the corners are giving a ton of cushion to them. That's how the Jets burned the Bills. Not this week. If you watch the highlights, you'll see that the Bills' corners were in the faces of the Jets wideouts before the snap of the ball. The Bills need to play more bump and run coverage, as their CBs are better suited for being physical with WRs than trying to keep up with them. When your corners play better, it makes it easier for the defense to get to the QB.

—CJ Spiller was fricken awesome today. He ran inside and he ran outside. He's not a rookie anymore, as he knows what hole to hit and isn't dancing around much. He has outstanding vision now and can make moves that break ankles. Of course, the offensive line has been paving the holes for him, but much of it is on him. He's been averaging 10.1 yards a carry on the season. Yes, 10.1 yards!! Mike Haim tweeted that his 10.1 yards a carry is the best after two games since Jim Brown in 1963. He's accounted for 364 yards of the team's 769 yards on the season. I have absolutely no idea how they will incorporate Fred Jackson when he returns. Will they?

—Ryan Fitzpatrick was average at best. He made some throws (See: Stevie's TD grab) and missed other throws (See: Chandler wide open on a bootleg and missed him). Is Fitz going to win you games by himself? Probably not. However, for this week, he didn't lose you any. Zero turnovers and only 19 pass attempts. That's exactly what you want to see. Let CJ Spiller dictate your offense and have the running game set up the pass. It is football 101. You saw how the Chiefs tried stopping CJ once he burned them for 139 total yards in the first half. They started staking the line and once you do that, all you need is for Fitz to make a couple of throws. On the Bills last offensive touchdown drive of the day, you saw Fitz burn the Chiefs' defense on passes to Chandler (43 yards) and Stevie (49 yards for a TD). I'll bet the Chiefs played a different defense on that drive than in the 1st half. Spiller affect.

—The Bills allowed zero sacks for the 2nd week in a row. Last time the Bills didn't allow a sack after two games to start the season was in 1980. Cordy Glenn looks like the real deal from what I've seen so far. He moves pretty fast for a big man when he's pulling from left tackle. Very impressive so far.

—The Bills had 15 first downs to the Chiefs 25. Find me a game where you beat a team by 18 points and they have almost double first downs. Alright, so the Bills fell asleep in the 4th quarter.

—Let's tackle the 650lb gorilla in the room… the Chiefs are terrible. They need to gut that franchise. That entire organization should kiss Bill Belichick's ass for having jobs in the NFL. Romeo and Scott Pioli should send him a Christmas gift every year. Matt Cassel has a 60-million dollar contract because hoodie hid his weaknesses in New England. So, was this an impressive win? I guess. However, it was against the lowest of the lows. Luckily, the Bills schedule has a number of these types of teams on it.

—Bills have outscored the Chiefs 76-24 in the last two games. Ryan Fitzpatrick has 6tds and CJ Spiller has 3tds during that span.

—High marks to the Bills' defensive tackles.  Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus were monsters today. They both were penetrating the line of scrimmage and were disruptive against the run. They also combined for 3 sacks on the day. If they keep this up, they may be the best DT duo in the NFL. Also, good for Dareus for playing outstanding after such a trying week for his family. I have no idea how he did it.

—I know Mario Williams didn't do much today besides his fumble recovery, but trust me, he's helping out guys like 99 and 95 because offensive lines are keying on him. As we said when the signing happened, you can't double or concentrate on everyone at the line of scrimmage. Maybe next week the offensive lines will concentrate on 99/95, meaning Mario will have better matchups. On a side note, I do see Mario trying the speed rush a little too much and I'd like to him maybe do more stunts up the middle.

—BTW, the crap that was coming out of certain middle aged media members in Buffalo about Mario's attitude was ridiculous this week. Who gives a crap if he has a refrigerator in his locker. It makes me think that some of these guys have never turned on a TV to watch how athletes live these days. Do you watch MTV Cribs? You jackasses. I'd have a fricken tunnel to a strip club in my locker if I were Mario Williams. I'd also have a grill and a DVD player because I like spending money on stupid things. You guys realize that Mark Cuban has TVs in all of his lockers with the Mavs, right? I guess if some of these reporters worked in Dallas they would have said TVs cost the Mavs the NBA Title in 2006, right? Maybe they got HBO taken away from them and were able to focus when they beat the Heat in 2011. This is all predicated on Buffalo teams having such crappy players over the years who aren't good or rich enough to have their own PR person or refrigerator. Just get over yourselves. They all don't have to be blue collar, you dip shits.

—The Bills have scored 63 points in two games, yet, I hate their QB. Go figure.

—The wildcat is a fricken joke. It is dated. Which is pretty much what I've maintained since 2010.

—Fitzpatrick is 5-0 over the last 18 games when he attempts 30 passes or fewer. I'm sure you can figure out the rest of his record.

—Bills rushed for 201 yards on the day. Last time they went over 200 yards was against the Raiders last year. Hmmm..I kind of thought it would have been longer than that. They are currently 1st in the NFL in rushing at 198 yards a game.

—Mark Anderson looked awesome today. Maybe it was shocking for me because I keep thinking he'll end up a bust, but what impressed me the most was his ability to play against the run. I thought that was his weakness? They moved him around and he really gave the Chiefs fits. He had 3 tackles which lead the DL in that department.

—Dorin Dickerson sucks and I blame Brian Galliford for it.