Yesterday one of my campaign supporters, Julie Hughes, and I set off to East Aurora to participate in a Bosom Buddies fundraiser. It is an amazing event, first organized in 1995, that has raised over $800,000 support of breast cancer survivors and Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

It was a glorious autumn morning made more special by the sea of pink tee-shirted walkers amassed for this worthy cause. But before beginning our fund raising trek, Julie and I made our way over to a large banner promoting the walk. In the center of this banner there was an oversized photo of a young woman and two adorable children decked out in pink—participants from a previous Bosom Buddies Walk. Julie and I decided that t was the perfect backdrop for our own photo op.

As we took our places on either side of the banner, Julie asked a group of woman passing by if one of them would take our picture. They immediately agreed, but before snapping the photo, one of them explained that the young woman and two children featured in the banner were her daughter and grandchildren.

Within minutes we engaged in great conversation with Fay Steele from Warsaw, who later proudly introduced us to her daughter Nikki and her two grandchildren. In talking to them, I fully expected to hear a story of breast cancer survival—either their own of a loved one. Yet to the contrary, both Fay and Nikki have been blessed with cancer free lives. Rather this special family is involved to helping to run and support Bosom Buddies for the simple reason that they care and want to make a difference.

Once Julie and I got our photo, we brought Fay into the picture as well. And as I stood shoulder to shoulder with this new friend I was reminded of the wonder of the people of the 147th District … and why I am continually inspired to serve them.