I’m hoping for a full recovery for Buffalo Sanitation worker Miguel Colon. Colon was hit by a car while working on Fillmore and French St. Thursday and is in stable condition at ECMC. Garbage is a much tougher job than people realize. These guys are out there early in the morning, when motorists are in a hurry to get to work and still half asleep.

Not a week goes by where there aren’t near misses between drivers and the workers. If the workers weren’t well aware of this, there would probably be more incidents like this one. If you approach a garbage truck in the morning, please remember to drive very slowly if it looks like it’s ok to pass. Also, never assume that it is ok to pass, as there might be a worker darting across the street. Everyone is aware of the dangers of being a police officer or firefighter, but I don’t think enough people understand the difficulties sanitation workers face every day.
Buffalo Sanitation Worker Hit By Car While Working |