I have always loved political conventions. There is something inspiring about the people of our nation coming together for the common cause of choosing those who govern.

This year’s conventions were particularly inspiring to me.  I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that I’m running for office and feel more strongly connected to those involved in the political process, or just because our nation is at a significant turning point and there are many issues to be addressed. 

Either way, I find myself re-energized by the last two weeks of conventions….both Republican and Democratic.  Further, from the local diner conversations to the media stories and online posts, it seems as if the nation as a whole feels the same way.

Now if we could just use that convention afterglow to help us leave behind the political rhetoric and move toward a shared goal of the greater good for our communities.

How do you feel about the conventions?  Did you watch them?  Do you think they are important?