Look.  I have been trying to bite my tongue on this Chairman’s race over the last few weeks. As a person who maintains a liberal news website, I will always continue to support local democrats and continue to advocate for similar principles and values despite who committee members cast their vote for tomorrow.

But recently, one candidate went out and recruited three ‘people’ (who should have NOTHING to do with the Headquarters of the local party ) to begin intimidating and harassing committee members to vote for him.

I have nothing personal against Frank. He’s had a decent (not exemplary but decent) track record over the years in Cheektowaga.  But the actions him and others (Governor Cuomo Im looking at you!!)  have  taken to secure this seat have been sickening.

Whether its willful intention or consequence,  Frank is now being played and supported by the three worst possible players in Erie County politics.

And with that, our now public endorsement goes directly to Jeremy Zellner:

Steve Pigeon. Deputy Mayor Steve Casey. Grassroots Chairman Maurice Garner. That says it all. 

These thugs are out harassing and intimidating you to vote for Frank Max.

Handing the keys to these scum suckers for the next two years is one GIANT step in the WRONG direction!

You have a chance tomorrow to rebuke these bully political thugs once and for all and send them packing for another two years. 

Tomorrow, do the right thing for the party not just your own self interests.

Vote for Jeremy Zellner.