I’m surprised at the number of people who were genuinely shocked at the close race between Tim Kennedy and Betty Jean Grant. People on Twitter were all commenting on how they thought Kennedy was supposed to win handily. They don’t know what most people in the neighborhood know-Kennedy is TERRIBLE and should be mopping floors at WalMart.

Usually, politicians are encouraged to get on television and speak in front of large groups. My advice to Tim would be to do exactly the opposite. The last thing he wants is for people to know who he is. Trust me. Up until now, he’s relied on an Irish surname and the backing of Brian Higgins to win elections. However, the more people see and hear him, the more they say, “That buffoon is our state senator?” My advice to Kennedy would be to hide out for the next two years. In fact, whatever you do, don’t speak in public. In fact, if I were him, I would try to convince people I was the former Buffalo Sabre with the same name. Anything beats the truth in this case. The more people realize how terrible Kennedy is, the sooner this neverending practical joke will come to its merciful conclusion.