DDR Corp., the Cleveland-based real estate investment company that owns properties across WNY has introduced  a business incubator program that includes free rent and a cap on other startup expenses.

The new “Set Up Shop” program currently has 40 retail units available for startup retail businesses here in WNY and Pennsylvania..

the biggest catch is that acceptable businesses need to sign a 30 month lease.

Entrepreneurs who are interested may contact the plaza managers directly, or go online for more information.

The participating Western New York plazas include:

  • Tops Plaza in Lockport, with 296,582 square feet and three incubator units.
  • Mid-City Plaza in North Tonawanda, with 227,995 square feet and two units for new businesses.
  • Sheridan Plaza in Tonawanda, with 121,846 square feet and two incubator units.
  • Tops Plaza in Warsaw, with 74,105 square feet and three startup units.
  • Premier Place in Williamsville, with 141,639 square feet in all, and four units open for new businesses
  • Batavia Commons in Batavia, with 49,431 square feet of total space and one unit available for the incubator.
  • Tops Plaza in Cheektowaga, with 151,357 square feet of total space, and three units available for new businesses.
  • Union Consumer Square in Cheektowaga, with 386,548 square feet of total space, and four units available for the incubator.
  • Tops Plaza in Jamestown, with 98,001 square feet of total space, and two units available for startups.