When there is a legitimate claim of racism these days, it’s no wonder people have a hard time believing it. So often, claims are made at the drop of a hat. Betty Jean Grant’s claim of racism in the recent State Senate election is completely absurd. At issue, is whether voters were properly notified of their polling places.  As always, the Board of Elections sends out postcards a week before the election to all registered Democrats, informing them when and where to vote. Apparently, this isn’t good enough for some people…

Grant said many voters routinely ignore the small postcards the Elections Board sends to voters reporting on voting districts. She said the board, given the drastic changes in many inner city voting districts this year, should have sent out certified letters to voters whose districts were changed at the last minute, to properly alert them of the changes.

I got a better idea. Next election, why not have limousines come to their houses and pick up the voters?  A government representative can pour each individual voter champagne and perhaps give them a massage on the way to the polling place.

Do Grant’s supporters know people in many countries are willing to walk for miles and wait in line for hours for the privilege to vote?  Here, it’s now the government’s responsibility to hold peoples’ hands apparently. I get the same postcard every election. I look at it for 10 seconds to make sure all the information is the same, before throwing it in the recycling bin. If someone chooses to ignore the postcard, how is that racism?

People need to get some guts and tell Grant, Frank Messiah, and Antoine Thompson that these charges are ridiculous and they should be embarrassed to even bring them up. There’s no conspiracy at work here. The election was held fairly. It’s no wonder a whole new generation of children are growing up expecting government to solve all of their problems for them.  Children don’t know how to act in school? It must be the fault of their teachers.  It can’t possibly be that their parents aren’t raising them properly. What a joke! 

The biggest losers are the people who will  listen to Grant’s complaints and actually take them seriously. I wanted Higgins’ stooge to lose more than anything, but to blame the results on racism? What a stretch.
Grant wants justice to oversee recount of 500 votes