The New York State Assembly in the 147th District is comprised of just less than 90,000 voters.  Those voters are pretty evenly divided between men and women and all age groups.

So the burning question becomes:  How do I reach at least 29,000 of those voters to win the election?

It is clear that people are fed up with robo calls (which I would NEVER consider) and annoyed by the stacks of negative, slanderous mailers invading their homes (again, not in my repetoire.) 

As for television,radio and major newspaper ads, they will probably be out of my price range due to the glut of Hochul/Collins and Grisanti/Amadeo/Swanick commercials expected to infiltrate the late October airwaves.

So I ask you….the voters….how do you learn about the candidates running for office in your community?  What kind of candidate outreach is acceptable and welcome in your world?  What candidate message would pretty much guarantee your vote on November 6th?

Give it some thought and let me know.  Your suggestion may just help elect a New York State Assemblywoman.