Fred Jackson Fred Jackson #22 of the Buffalo Bills runs against Jim Leonhard #36 of the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium on November 6, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York.

It is the regular season premiere of Know your Enemy. This week, we have the stinky New York Jets. We have a Q&A with Jets writer, Daniel Krieg from Of course, go over to their site to check out my answers to their questions.        


1) How are you guys feeling about going into this season?  I'm not very optimistic. I know the preseason doesn't mean much, but it's hard to imagine the Jets offense magically turning it on next Sunday. If they had played well and not scored, that would have been forgivable, but it was their inability to move the ball and sustain any type of possession that has me expecting an 8-8 season at best. It's a shame, though, really. Their defense has a chance to be a truly elite unit. Their pass rush is going to be much improved with Coples (1st round pick in 2012), Wilkerson (1st round pick in 2011), and Maybin (HAHAHA! No, but seriously.) all having great preseasons. The secondary should be improved too with LaRon Landry replacing the historically bad Eric Smith. And of course there's that guy Revis. He's pretty good.



2) Would you consider this the last hurrah for Sanchez if he struggles this year?  I don't think it should be and for the sole reason I don't know who would replace him, I'll say no. There's been an interesting shift in the psyche of Jets fans in terms of who is at fault for having such an inept offense. Whereas last year it laid with Sanchez, many fans now realize how the owner Woody Johnson and general manager Mike Tannenbaum have set Sanchez up to fail. The man has no right tackle, a shit left guard, and a group of wide receivers that I feel is in the bottom five in the league. Most teams would build around a quarterback who took them to two AFC Championship Games in the first two years of his career, but instead the Jets have gradually stripped away the talent around Sanchez since his rookie season. It's disappointing, really. I have no doubt that he would be a plus quarterback on a good team. And unless there's a drastic change in personnel in the next two years, I don't think Sanchez will reach his full potential in New York.           

3) How come you guys weren't able to stop Stevie Johnson last year?  I find it comical how much shit Bills fans have been talking on Revis this week. I guess when you set the bar so impossibly high for yourself, allowing a guy to have two decent games equates to "not being able to stop him." In the first game in Buffalo Johnson had 84 yards receiving on three catches, and 52 of those yards came on one play when the Jets had already put the game out of reach. In the second game in New York, Johnson had a good game—8 catches for 75 yards and a touchdown—but certainly nothing mind-boggling. Revis has grown increasingly annoyed with every question about Johnson this week, and when you piss off and motivate someone who is ridiculously great at his job, that's only going to make him play better. I think Stevie is going to have a difficult Sunday.      

 4) What is your take on Tebow? To me, you guys traded for him cause the Jets franchise has always been about the back pages. It was PR stunt if any. I think the wildcat is dead. Tell me why I'm wrong?  You're not wrong, you're right. It was 100 percent a PR stunt. And while you COULD make a case the Wildcat does work when used properly (I'd still rather have Brad Smith), the Jets are undoubtedly going to overuse it. As the Jets jackass of an owner has said over the past few weeks: "We're in a media business," and, "I don't think you can ever have enough Tebow." UGH. Just end the season now. Please.         

5) Who should the Bills watch out from the Jets offense. Your skilled guys don't exactly worry me all that much.  No one. I'm serious. Next question.        

 6) How do you feel about Sparano being the OC instead of Schottenheimer?    I'm pretty neutral towards Sparano. Like Sanchez, I think he's been dealt a losing hand and whatever talent he may have as a playcaller will go to waste due to the team's lack of weapons. He'll undoubtedly use Tebow at inopportune times, likely after Sanchez has developed something of a groove, and will likely clash with Santonio at some point during the season, so I really don't see him being a difference maker. With that said, anyone is an upgrade of Schotty. I pity Rams fans.        

7) If you were the Bills OC or DC, how would you attack the Jets offense and defense?  As the offensive coordinator I'd utilize the tight end and the short passing game as much as possible. The defense's weakness is at linebacker, particularly on the outside where they're old and lack speed. I could see Fred Jackson only rushing for only 40 yards but receiving at least 60. The Jets have a tendency to make mediocre tight ends look like Hall of Famers, so Scott Chandler might not be a bad fantasy option if you're a Bills homer and you're desperate.As for the defensive coordinator, he should lean back in his chair, grab some food, beer, and enjoy the sunny afternoon. Any play he calls will be a successful one. The only way the Jets will score will be a defensive touchdown or a great special teams play that sets up a field goal.With that said, I see the defense being extremely fired up and playing an excellent game. I'll also cross my fingers that Santonio will actually try since it's the first game of the season. So, with very little confidence I'll say: Jets 13, Bills 10.      

8) I'm going to the game on Sunday with Bills fans. Any advice? Are you guys dicks? Should I get ready to fight you? I'm a Rangers, Mets and Jets fan. Rangers fans are the group I'm most proud to associate with because of the three they are by far the most loyal and knowledgeable about the team and the sport. Mets fans are just sad people and I'm ashamed to be one most of the time. And then there are Jets fans. While I do know some who truly care about the team and know their shit, I think for those most part—the ones who go to the games—-they're tools and blowhards. The fact it's a 1 p.m. game will probably make everyone a little less drunk, stupid and belligerent, but I'm sure you'll have to deal with your share of idiots. It's really not worth fighting them. The ones who will antagonize you are probably can't even read this Q and A.