Since the Toronto Blue Jays have become the new affiliate of the Buffalo Bisons, it will be interesting how the Bluejays handle this latest controversy surrounding Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar.

Escobar is in a vat of hot water today as Major League Baseball is scrambling to try and figure out what to do over Escobar wearing a gay slur on his face in Spanish during the Blue Jays game against the Red Sox Saturday night.
Escobar wrote the words “Tu ere maricon” under his eyes, and what that loosely translates to is a homophobic slur. There really is no good reason for Escobar to write this under his eyes, and if it was an intimidation thing, like he’ll likely say it was when he holds a press conference at 3:30ET Tuesday, that’s no excuse.
Middle school kids aren’t that stupid.

A Blue Jays fan posted the picture to the left, and needless to say it’s spread a global wildfire. It took Americans a while to figure this out (apparently our Spanish to English translating skills takes three days), but Major League Baseball is now neck deep in possible PR problems with not only their American fans, but their Latin American connections.
Escobar is set to apologize, and better yet explain his massive mistake in a press conference today, but that might not save him from punishment from baseball. Bud Selig suspended Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen for saying kind words of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro at the beginning of the season.
Guillen was just being an idiot in an interview, it’s not like he came to Marlins Park draped in the Cuban flag, smelling of Castro’s cologne. Escobar literally wore this one his face and the fact that he did that is still incredibly difficult to fathom.


You can watch the live stream here. ( If we can grab an embed code we’ll update the link)