I hate them. Hate them more than any fanbase in the world. I would rather gargle Drano than sit in a car with them for 60 minutes. There’s a stench of arrogance that enters the room when they walk in. I can see them from a mile away. No, they don’t have to be wearing green and white or singing some god awful football chant.

Oh, no.

They are a cross between a frat boy and a young Wall Street yuppie. They are lawyers or stockbrokers, I have no doubts. They are in their mid-30s and they still go to Suite 16 or some night spot that you need to pay 30 bucks just to get into.  They still get into bar fights. No, wait a minute… They pretend they are going to get into fights and just wait for their entourage of yuppies to surround them to make a show of holding them back. They come from Long Island or New Jersey. Heavy, annoying accents. They are the demons who walk through the shadow of death.

They are Jets fans…and I hate them all.