Is Higgins Drunk?
The Sky’s the Limit on Higgins’ Skyway Demolition Scheme

Today, Brian Higgins held a press conference to reinforce his ridiculous proposal to tear down the Skyway and build a Pedestrian bridge to connect downtown to the Waterfront. Never at a loss for proposing obscene spending binges in the midst of a failing economy, Higgins misuses the terms “functionally and structurally obsolete” to describe the condition of the Skyway. It would be functionally obsolete if it could not handle the traffic, NOT because it has no shoulder, and it would be structurally obsolete if it were at risk of failing structurally, NOT because it needs painting every ten years.

Such false and alarmist language has no place in public discourse, especially from a Congressman who represents the highest taxed and third most impoverished city in the nation. Relative to city blight, education failure and no jobs in our failing economy, demolishing the Skyway and building a bridge to Higgins City to the tune of $175 million is just plain stupid. Higgins is impotent at addressing the real problems, and his indulgence in benders at taxpayer expense has to stop.

Mike Madigan is the Republican, Conservative and Independent candidate for the newly reapportioned Congressional District 26, which includes the City of Niagara Falls, the Tonawandas, Grand Island, Amherst, all of Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Lackawanna and West Seneca.