Scott Leffler Talking Two Parties

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Scott Leffler’s “The more they talk, the less I listen” post from earlier today nail it with this.

“Personally, I believe in freedom, a concept I fear that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have even the slightest understanding of. Asking me to choose between the two is akin to asking me whether I’d like to be drawn and quartered or hanged. It’s time we stopped choosing between the lesser of two evils and started choosing good.”

The asses and elephants fail us time and time again.  The problem is that the system is controlled by two parties.  Trying to get us move away from two party rule is next to impossible.  There are third parties out there, but they never get a seat at the table and are marginalized.  I do wish there was some type of effort to create viable alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans.  Bottom line though, it ain’t going to happen in the foreseeable future.

Just think of how interesting Election 2012 would have been if we had 3, 4 or 5 candidates to choose from.  It would take debating about the direction our country should go to who new level.


On Saturday, I was called into duty and worked bingo at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo.  It was the first time I worked bingo since my children went to Saint Agnes School in Lovejoy.  Working it then was a way to help offset the tuition cost at the school.  I was called into action Saturday because I received a call from from one of CCC’s bingo organizers who said they were short on people.

One thing I was quickly reminded of after I started selling game cards yesterday was how intense the bingo crowd is.  They were equals parts demanding and superstitious.  There are also a myriad unwritten dos on don’ts players expect while the games are being played.  Things they are quick to voice their anger over.  Things like a bingo caller pulling the balls to fast or slow, other people chatting when the games are going on or reading the wrong numbers by accident to verify if someone has won.

There is a whole bingo culture out there in Buffalo that many people don’t even know or think about and it’s dog eat dog.

Competitive Eating

Competitive eating seems to be all the rage nowadays.  Whether it is at our beloved wing festival (see above) or other events around the country, people are mesmerized by watching other people consume obscene amounts of different types of food as sport.  Me, I find it gross.

There is even a league competitive eating.  It is called Major League Eating.  On the league’s website, you can see the different contests around the country—>

Clint Eastwood

Mr. Eastwood’s chair bit last week at the Republican National Convention will live in the annals of political conventions for generations to come.


He also has this pretty interesting looking movie coming out in a few weeks.

I understand what he was trying to do at the RNC. Unfortunately, it did come off in the way he or the GOP wanted. I doubt there was much rehearsal or prep put into it. It is a shame really. If he did, I think it would have blown people out of the water in an entirely different way.

The 2013 Version of the Buffalo Bills

Here we go!

The 2013 NFL season is less than a week away and Bills fans everywhere have high expectations for the team…me included.  I can’t believe the team’s playoff drought is more than a decade long.  But you know what, I just don’t want to make the playoffs.  If the Bills are going to be good, I want them to be playoff good.