Demolition MAN

The former Bernstone’s Cigar Store (By Bernice Radle)

From WIVB:

Preservationist Tim Tielman says the city ordered emergency demolition Friday because the building was falling apart on the inside. But Tielman says he only found out about all of this on Tuesday.

“The Preservation Board is the representative of the people. This is how the public finds out about these things and how public process is followed. We were not notified. In fact, 90 minutes after I left City Hall, the demolition of this structure began,” Tielman said.

We wonder why Buffalo’s leadership is always called into question when decisions are made.  Well, the demolition of the old Bernstone’s Cigar Store is good reason why.  The building’s ultimate demise was pushed through city hall as an emergency demo on Friday as way to fly under the radar screen and avoid scrutiny.

Maybe the building was beyond saving and I doubt that, but using an end run around the system gives the appearance that the demolition was on the up and up.  And it isn’t like this hasn’t happened before.

Buffalo Rising has more—>

While we are on the subject of leadership 

Check out Mayor Cory Booker from Newark!

When will Buffalo get a leader like this?

The Nostalgia Business

Part of what I do with Broadway Fillmore Alive is try tap into people’s nostalgic feelings towards the old neighborhood in an attempt to get them to support places still around in the here and now.  I have slowly come to the conclusion that a majority of people with a history in Broadway-Fillmore are more interested in looking at old photos or documents from the neighborhood than they are in what is going on there now.

Though I feel places like the Broadway Market or the historic East Side churches are places that can be catalysts to raise the Broadway-Fillmore up, I am beginning to wonder if there are  enough people who care to actually make a difference.

While we are on the subject of churches

You have to check out a forum on  This forum was actually created a few years ago to discuss the wave of Catholic church closings in Western New York.

What it has evolved into is a chaotic rumor mill and bitchfest for the happenings inside the Buffalo Diocese.  There are scandalous allegations, juicy sniping and whole slew of craziness.  I love to check into it periodically for the sheer theatre of it all.

While reading, I do wonder what would Jesus do if he was reading along.


Democrats lie and Republicans lie…whoa, that is news to me.

I don’t know what is worse, the actual lies or bending the truth by political candidates and parties or the party loyalists on the right and left who mindlessly point out that the other side lies without acknowledging their side lies too.

You would think that in the year 2012 there would be more intelligent debate in politics.   Well, politics is rarely about intellectual honesty.  It is more about attaining power and what it takes to get that power.

Honesty be damned!

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