I've been to about 20 or so games at McFaddens since I've moved to NYC 10 years ago. Boy, let me tell you how many of those games sucked. I'd be drinking..angerly, while watching Kelly Holcomb or JP Losman guide the Bills to 200 yards in total offense in a thrilling 21-11 loss. However, no matter how bad the game was, you could always set your clock to the bar erupting with an MVP chant.

No, it wasn't for Bledsoe or McGahee or Spikes or Lee Evans.

Oh, no. It was for our punter.

Brian fricken Moorman.

I'd be lying if I said I was above the chant. I mean, what else was there to do? We stunk and we do a lot of regrettable things after drinking and watching 12 years of bad football. After the chant was over, I'd usually turn to my friend in disgust and say, "Buffalo Bills football: 2004". Then it would change to "Buffalo Bills football: 2005". Throw in 2006, 2007, 2010 and you see where I'm going here. Can you imagine what a random fan would think if they just walked into McFaddens and saw us chanting "MVP. MVP.MVP" for the punter? He'd think we were fricken idiots.

I don't want to hear about how popular the guy was. It was a joke that the fans made him into some sort of folklore athlete who could kick the ball into orbit. You think any other fan base would embrace their punter? I don't care how many losing seasons you have been through, no one would embrace the punter.  He's the fricken punter. What made him popular? Was he funny? Did he interact on Twitter? Did he win us games? I couldn't pick out Moorman's voice out of a bunch of mutes in a dark room.

Moorman is the perfect example for the problems the Bills encountered during the last 12 years. It was crappy football where the fans needed something to feel good about and that was the punter. Yes, the fricken punter. The Bills should be ashamed of themselves for giving us the punter as a feel good storyline. It is pathetic that they actually sold jerseys for the punter and if you own one, I hope you got it for five bucks. Frankly, I couldn't tell you when he was good because I was too busy swearing at the team for sucking. Only time I thought about Moorman was when fans drunkenly chanted MVP and people would tell me how great he was. 

And if there's really an uproar for the punter getting cut, you need to fricken get ahold of yourself. This isn't Andre-Bruce-Thurman getting cut. The fact that I'm doing an "Ode to Brian Moorman" post is fricken sad.  He punted. That was it.

Normally, you goto the bathroom when your team punts. We became attached to him because sometimes fans love being in love, except it was always for the wrong reasons with Moorman. We can do better.

He's a punter who represented a terrible time in Bills history. I hope we never have to go through another era where our favorite player was the punter.  Cheer for Fitz, Freddy or Stevie. Cheering for the punter is like just getting married for the sake of getting married without even dating.  There are bigger fish to catch.

Don't settle for anything less, no matter what cards the team deals to you.