The citizens of Amherst must remember that Supervisor Weinstein hasn’t signed one piece of paper with the Mensch Partners, LLC.  They haven’t even sat down to talk. 

THERE IS SOME GOOD NEWS:  OUR AUDUBON GOLF COURSES ARE MAKING MONEY THIS YEAR!  With your continued support the “Concrete Jungle” won’t be built.

The three repetitive explanation meetings of what Mensch plans to build on our green space are finally over.  All three speeches were the same.  The urban planner who came with the Mensch group explained, with graphs and drawings, what they plan to build: office buildings, the two six-story hotels and a Memorial Park.  This Memorial Park includes a graveyard and the memorial will be to the people who will be buried there.  Most of the citizens at the meetings were trying to look into the drawings to visualize what was being described.

The urban planner had one drawing which looked like a group of white colored buildings which they said was for U.B. students.  What they skirted over quickly was what types of buildings will be built.  They did mention there would be dorms shared by both sexes.  The dorms will be patrolled by the U.B. security.  There will be other hotels for guests.

As of today there have been no deals signed by the Supervisor.