Not getting a job is one thing but trying to smear an opponent with political smut like this definitely won’t open the door to many job opportunities in the future.

Why can’t these republican candidates control their volunteers?

Last year it was a staffer for Jane Corwin who purposely attacked an old man (Jack Davis) with a video camera.

This year, it’s hothead political wannabe Matt Richiazzi, who apparently doesn’t know the first thing between job solicitation and blackmail.

The set of pictures below depicts a series of text messages that Matt Ricchiazzi sent to Senator Grisanti and members of his staff around the same time as the Seneca bar fight incident. The other pictures depict some of the petitions that Richazzi was paid to circulate in support of Grisanti’s Opponent Kevin Stocker.

In case your wondering about this Matt Richiazzi guy, here  is some background from 2010 on Mr. Richiazzi’s past political antics: