Let's be honest here, the majority of WNY thought the Bills were going to run over the Jets. We talked trash about them. Alright…I talked trash about them. We didn't respect them. We didn't respect their QB. We didn't respect Tebow. We thought Stevie had #24's number. We thought Mario Williams was going to eat the Jets' D-line alive. We'd rather have #14 over #6. Talking sh#t, talking sh#t, talking sh#t.

How could we be this wrong about a game?

I know this can happen throughout an up and down season, but what sticks with me is the amount of trash we talked prior to the game. I swear, it may be the art of being a fan, but don't you think we tend to overaccentuate the positives and bash everyone else a litttttttttle too much? There just never seems to be a decent ying/yang when it comes to cheering. I think both fan bases (Sabres/Bills) tend to do this. When a team overpays for an NHL free agent, Sabres fans seem to attack that organization for giving the player a truckload of money.


Are we just doing it because we want to put in our 2 cents or are we just dicks?

When Marshawn Lynch gets a DWI, fans are the first to say "Haha" about it. We love to revel in the misfortunes of other fan bases. And truthfully, they aren't very serious misfortunes. So the Jets couldn't score a TD this preseason. So a team overpays for a free agent. Big deal. He who has not sinned can cast the first stone.

What exactly can we hang our hats on as fans? We haven't made the playoffs in 12 years. We haven't won anything.  Yes, it sounds like I've reached an epiphany, because I have. I felt it after the Jets mopped the floor with us. I walked into that stadium angry at Green Nation. I wanted to rage storm on their fan base. I talked shit about how Mark Sanchez blows and how I'd rather have our guy. (Crap, how many times have we gone into a game over the years thinking that we'd punk off a team that stunk, only to then get handed a plate full of reality?) And before I could think of a snappy putdown, it was 21-0. Game over…Let's drink and eat violently.

To my surprise, I actually didn't get heckled that much when the game was over. It was bizarre. I was ready to face the music. Alas, they weren't douches. Maybe because they just don't care about us because we've been nothing over the last 12 years. God knows if the roles were reversed and we were at The Ralph, the fans would have rubbed sh#t in Jets fans' faces. It would have probably been my shi#.

If Buffalo were to ever win a championship, our egos would inflate to the size of a 16-year-old having weekly threesomes with Playboy Playmates in the basement of a strip club.  We'd be as obnoxious as Boston fans. We would be sore winners. We'd change the "Welcome to Buffalo: City of Good Neighbors" sign off the 90 to "Welcome to Buffalo: a city that just won a championship, you stupid fu#ks". We love playing the part of the bully because we've been bullied for so long. However, there's a difference between talking proud and talking tough. We need to stop with the latter.

We need to earn our arrogance. We need to stop acting like everyone else sucks because we've read one too many preseason stories. In a way, I think the Bills need to do the same. They ain't sh#t right now. They have been talking a lot about turning it around and have been listening to other fans/media members bless them with compliments. This game was an ass kicking reminder that we need to earn our stripes.

Look, you can be confident. You can talk some trash. But stop with the arrogance and acting like we are God's gift to football. It is crazy that we can be so self-deprecating one minute and an arrogant assh$le the next minute.  We just need to shut up. Myself included. I declared war on the Jets last week and looking back, what the hell was I thinking? We got our asses handed to us. AGAIN! They have made the playoffs since I've moved to NYC while the Bills haven't. It is just time to shut up.

Time to stop pretending we are so much better than other crappy teams. We have to earn the right to talk smack about others. If you won't give respect then you are going to have to earn it.