I have received a number of endorsements for my candidacy, all of them significant in their individual ways.  However, the support given over the last four months by my son and my daughter has been the most valued of all.  Today, on primary day, I want to thank my children for their love and care—and to share this unsolicited endorsement, written and distributed by my daughter—that means much more than all the rest.

Dear Friends who may live in Evans, Brant, Concord, Eden, Collins, North Collins, Boston, Colden, Sardinia, Holland, East Aurora, Aurora, Wales, Marilla, Elma or anywhere in Wyoming County (or know someone who does),

I don’t consider myself a political person.  I have always been a registered Independent and have always voted, but I have a general disdain for politics: the dishonesty, divisiveness and dollars spent have turned my stomach.

 I wasn’t overly thrilled when my Mom told me she had been asked repeatedly to run for Assembly and had said yes, and NOT because she wouldn’t do an excellent job, but because I love her and didn’t want her to have to go through the ugliness of a campaign.

 Five months later, I can honestly say those concerns have been allayed by the quality and clarity of her campaign.

 From her website and blog (Abt for Assembly.com) and facebook page and mailings to her attendance at any and all chicken barbecues, parades and fundraisers, she has run a real campaign, highlighting the constituents who live, work and play in the 147th and listening to their concerns and needs.

She has lived in the 147th for over 30 years, has both an agricultural and small business background, has worked in politics on a local, county and national level, across party lines, making real change (but you can read all of that on her website…)

 I just wanted to write and ask that if you vote as an Independent in the Primary this Thursday Sept 13th and on Election Day on any lines, I hope that you can vote for someone in whom you can believe, someone who will listen to your concerns and work to represent you in Albany, someone you can be proud to call your Assemblyperson, someone like Christina M. Abt.

Thanks for reading,