The 7 men who run the ECWA have forgotten their responsibility to the people of Erie County.  What they haven’t forgotten is when to make payoffs to their political parties leaders and other unsavory characters. 

These laughing fools believe they can get away with any crime they want.  They flaunt their transgressions before the public while smiling and nodding, “Yes they will look into the problems.”  They chuckle as they think about the honest friends they are screwing.

I heard a speech about the brave men and women who are overseas defending all of us, including these blood sucking weirdos.  The speech concerned when these heros come home, they should apply for a job at the ECWA.  Part of the speech was left out but implied.  “Don’t expect to be hired.  The jobs  go to the weak minded children, friends and relatives of the corrupt leaders of the ECWA.”

There must be a way to cleanse this agency and hire capable people who are not the children, friends or relatives of these money grabbing scabs. This agency must be investigated by the Attorney General as well as the Police and the white collar division of the F.B.I.

The people who have been hired recently, or given promotions who have ties to politically influential people include:

  • Edward Betz, an attorney who has been active in Democratic political campaigns, was promoted last month on a temporary basis to serve as associate attorney at a salary of $117,877.  Betz previously worked in the Law Dept. at Buffalo City Hall and has managed local political campaigns.
  • Amy Garcia, the sister of the fiancee of Erie County Republican Chairman Nicholas Langworthy, was hired as a confidential secretary to the executive director at a salary of $55,231 in June on a provisional basis until a civil service exam can be held.
  • Stanley Jemiolo Jr., a former Orchard Park Town Board member who was deputy parks commissioner under the-County Executive Chris Collins, was hired in March as an administrative assistant in the Purchasing Department at a salary of $53,466.

WNY needs a better reputation.  With all the good work being done down at the waterfront and in other areas of WNY we should be able to do just that.  

An organization like the ECWA must not stand as it does, a symbol which says, ‘Just try to bring us down.  You can’t.  We have powerful friends.”