September is here and Ralph is still kicking. Time to put away the sunscreen and start betting on some football. I haven’t placed a bet in years, but I know many of you like to. The Rooster sounds confident this year and offers his picks for week 1…

Its time for put up or shut up.The Bills are
getting 3 and Jet fuel is expensive. I’m predicting that Tyrannosaurus Ryan will extinct by the end of the year. Bills 20 jets

Andrew is not in Kansas anymore, I mean  Stanford. The Bears are licking
their paws.Take the Bears -9.

The Raiders are my surprise pick of the year. They
will make the playoffs and their QB will have a great year. Take the Raiders
over San Diego. RIP Al Davis.

San Francisco +5.5. Sounds too good to be true,  but 49ers with points is always

Houston -11. the Dolphins suck. Point spread should be -20.5. Houston is
going far this year.

*On a side note: I’d like to know why the camera zoomed in on Cowboys Defensive coach Rob Ryan between every play last night. How much did his agents pay NBC to make the game about him? Both teams have beautiful cheerleaders and instead, we were forced to look at this friggin Caveman every 30 seconds??????