The Town of Amherst is facing a serious problem. The Town is being sold right out from under the people’s noses by our present Town Board. Amherst is in need of money because of poor management as well as this Town Board’s poor financial decisions. Most of the people of Amherst do not want to sell our Audubon land. The Town Board put us into this money pit. There are other ways to work our way out besides selling huge pieces of green Amherst to turn into rock and concrete.

A major deal between a group of developers and Dr. Weinstein, the sole negotiator for the Town, will bring in about $40 to $50 million besides the Westwood Golf Club for our 3 golf courses and other pieces of land. The Town of Amherst is in need of this money. It basically will help keep our taxes low for the next 3 or 4 years. Then the roof will start falling around our Town. Our homes will be devalued, more and more people will move out to find a new Amherst like the one they first moved into when Amherst was a quaint hamlet of great wildlife, excellent schools, and the gift of beautiful nature and wonderful neighbors.

The developers will be building hotels, dorms for U.B., business buildings, retail stores and other buildings. What was once the green land of Amherst will become the beginning of the concrete jungle most of us moved out of to come live in Amherst. The wildlife, the space to breathe will be gone, replaced by concrete and glass, with a strong possibility of a grand casino thrown in.

If the people of Amherst want to stop an avalanche of stone and concrete they have to band together, fight the Town Board, and force this deal to go to a referendum. We must understand our Town Board to be the enemy they have proven to be for the last 3 years. The Board has to know they must change their ways. They were elected to help and protect the people of Amherst not destroy our town.

written by Jim Tricoli, Editor: