by Chris Stevenson

Four US Army soldiers are in the news for stockpiling assault weapons, and even went as far as kill two people (one of the two, a former soldier) execution-style in order to cover up a plot to shoot the President and overthrow the government. Facing the GA death penalty is private Isaac Aguigui, private Christopher Salmon, sergeant Anthony Peden, and a 4th who cut a deal against the other 3; in exchange for manslaughter and gang activity Michael Burnette. Of course this is nothing new, some weeks ago we heard of DC officer Christopher Picciano; a 17-year veteran on the force and MPD Special Ops division frequently actually assigned to the White House motorcade, make statements to fellow officers about killing the First Lady.


The epitome of youth and stupidity, Aguigui (bottom-L) was the lowest ranking, but still talked the other 3 into his delusional plot to overthrow the government (from Ft. Stewart GA) & kill President Obama-cs

Funny thing about this example is, the more people on the social networks tell me to ignore people who say or post their racist anti-Obama messages, the more incidents like this begin cropping up. What the Michelle Obama threat actually is, is something no White American dares to admit; it reveals a significant segment of white men in uniform to be pure traitors. Most disturbing is the unwillingness to Charge Picciano with a felony and treat him as if he threatened Barbara Bush, Nancy Reagan, or Hillary during their husbands tenures.


Murdered by F.E.A.R. Private Michael Roark (19) and his girlfriend Tiffany York (17)-cs

It was strange coincidence that at the same time the Picciano story broke, two Richmond, VA police officers were fired for threatening remarks they openly made before their colleagues against the President and First Lady. In fact, according to a 7/25 report by Leonard E. Colvin, the Chief Reporter of the New Journal and Guide, during the last month at that point “The Secret Service is investigating threats against the President and the First Lady from law enforcement officers… During the last three months the Secret Service has been looking into threatening comments from police officers in Washington, DC., and Richmond, VA.” The Richmond Free Press reported on 7/13 that two police officers were leaving the department for allegedly making threatening remarks about the President back on May 5th. This had to do with a visit back then by the President and Michelle Obama to a college there where he made a public address. One cop was overheard at some point that morning saying he wished someone would blow up the stage while the President was speaking. The other officer assigned to Obama’s protection detail talked loudly to colleagues about shooting the President while he was speaking. Another made threatening remarks about the First Lady.


 The Richmond case was handled by a black Police Chief, Bryan Norwood, who weathered public outcry and at least one Minister called for his removal-cs

According to the report “The Supervisor said to that particular officer ‘You’re down there right? So, you can take a couple of shots, you might have to kill yourself, but you can take a couple of shots.’” Between May 5th of the probable commencement address and the approximate time the two officers were fired on 7/13-well over two months-was some of the most skilled foot-dragging and cover-up that was even more astonishing than what would be seen with the Picciano investigation, no names have been leaked of the two, and a female employee was fired for voicing public concern of the veil of secrecy regarding the identities of the Richmond officers. The Richmond case was handled by a black Police Chief, Bryan Norwood, who weathered public outcry and at least one Minister called for his removal. Norwood was hired on the last day of office by outgoing Mayor L. Douglass Wilder. During a recent interview he talked about the criticism he underwent: “That was pretty sad because at the end of the day those officers have due process… it’s not like I can just walk in and terminate people without any regards to the process.” Though there are and will be those who loath to believe it, Picciano and the 2 Richmond officers at least in their hearts committed treason of the highest level and deserve prosecution just because they are on record for voicing it.

Think about it. It’s been going on for years, and we’ve called it everything but that. Here you have an armed militia conscientiously going after and arresting a portion of the population due to the color of their skin on a normal basis for years, wanting badly to impose similiar treatment against the President of the United States, because he is black and seen as liberal.

The Bill Clinton Administration is what first sparked the rapid increase of the armed militias; whites in mostly remote areas forming their own private military. Presently in the Obama years, we see an illegal militia-mentality with many whites already in uniform. They are neither White America’s finest nor smartest, in fact some of them are remarkably dimwitted. Take for example the leader of this plot; Isaac Aguiqui, an Army private. He attended the ’08 Republican National Convention  (RNC) as a page. It’s safe to assume he didn’t make this RNC.


Chief Norwood is a bike enthusiast, many white officers have a tough time taking orders from a black superior-cs

I present this column to you out of deep concern, it is not my wish to insult the various officers in the police precincts around the country nor in the armed services. While I feel the vast majority of police officers for example are good hardworking people doing their job of protecting and serving by the book, the numbers of good officers has seen a decline since a black man named Obama moved into the White House. Too many police, corrections and military officers have been waging a personal war against minorities, especially blacks. Much of the police forces are manned by some pure idiots in their rawest form. I implore you to go to Youtube and search for footage of two LAPD officers tackling a white nurse twice, and then fist-banging each other afterwards. If these “men” are of the mind to do this to a white female-someone who could have been their sister-what then can we guess about these two when it comes to blacks, even the black President?

Yes my concern is for the life of the President at the hands of those who get paid for him to trust the most. If indeed Obama is cut down by an assassin’s bullet, what’s the chance of it happening at the hands of one of his “stupidly” acting police officers? Many white police officers have a tough time taking orders from a black Lieutenant, Captain, Precinct Chief, or Commissioner. Today we have a black President, and it’s a good chance we’ll have one for the next four years. That’s an awfully big pill to swallow for many of them. Understand the base reason many of these white boys applied for the job in the first place. Why is the white-guy police/military angle so important? Throughout the decades they have gone ignored as a force or threat against the state for two reasons; 1-There has never been a black President (I’m not counting the several black Presidents cited with a drop or two of black blood, or that may have served before the Articles of Confederacy). 2-Police and military work for the state. Today however, an exorbitant amount of Joe-Six-Packs occupy these positions, in short they took these jobs just so they can enforce their own biases and opinions, not the law.

Being able to lord it over the blacks and browns and make a pretty good living off it enough to live in the suburbs is a tempting idea even for some African American and Latino officers, but the white officers have been doing it when many departments literally paid peanuts, way before the hard-line cop unions. Back then white cops were the nation’s most powerful poor people, during Civil Rights when they should have joined blacks during the early-to-mid 20th Century, they only focused on the difference in skin color, and sided with the highly illiterate KKK. As dumb as that pretext is, many are still doing it. Only this time without the Klan being a major influence on them, racist police by now are on auto-pilot. A white man with an attitude problem may assume he’s boss, a white man with an attitude problem, uniform, badge, pistol and union membership most likely thinks he’s God. But he’s a lower-case god.

White conservatives want payback in this upcoming election. Much of this country’s law enforcement views itself as payback on two-legs, common-sense-proof sentinels of inequality. Even in towns where there was a time when race relations were socially, economically, and educationally doing fairly well decades ago (Detroit, Princes Georges County), their police departments cut through these timelines of relatively-level progress with what we now call profiling, harassment, and brutality that played no small role in the destruction of the spirit of those blacks, and the onset of rioting and/or the breaking of the economic backbone of those black communities, a fear of blacks (as opposed to fear of bad police) and last but not least; structural decline. The individual white racist cop(s) or groups of racists officers may do what they do just because of the rush it gives them and the judicial invulnerability they know they benefit from. In many cases the city’s big business leaders are the ones who do the planning ahead and know the end result.

You won’t consider this an impossibility once you do a little history. It has yet to be common knowledge that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was very likely assassinated by a cop. Yes his name is Earl, but not the James Earl Ray you been made to think for such a long time. Investigations done in the years since have revealed King’s shooter to be Memphis Police Officer (MPD) Lieutenant Earl Clark. Obviously Clark was a fist-bumping weekend backyard barbecue cop, and not the brains behind it. But he was one of a carefully chosen few for a reason, according to “An Act of State” by William Pepper he was the best shot on the force, and ran the MPD firing range. Clark only did what probably 60% of white cops around the country wished they were chosen to do, but only a fraction were qualified. He was also the beneficiary of a mainstream media whitewash that lasted well past his death in ’87. Earl’s anxious trigger-finger squeezed before 2 or 3 other hired assassins groups posted at various points around the Lorraine Hotel-most of whom were professional military marksmen-could get off a shot.

Today it looks like the number of Obama-hating cops and soldiers are becoming so numerous, so as to make up a poor man’s drunken Illuminati, and become a threat. But that opens up a serious question, how many police officers, Sheriff’s, Sheriff Deputies, are looking to be used in such a way? As I stated years ago, I don’t think the same people or forces that shot JFK, RFK, and MLK are going to go after President Obama. In fact, they may be at least partly responsible for preventing it. Obama kept their wars going, and their oil prices up, they could care less about what poor and middle-class whites see as his “socialists programs,” and “liberal causes.”

What do the 1-percent care about the concerns of the alcoholic, three-times-married, white narcissist, racist cop? What do these powerful entities that control world economics care about the angry white soldier they sent off to die? If he misappropriates blame due to the skin color of his Commander-in-Chief, all the better for the Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, and Wall Street. Perhaps there’s an undiscovered class of traitors plotting treasonous acts living and working right in the midst of us, should the President send his Secret Service in to raid donuts and coffee shops where these people are known to congregate? Food for thought.

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