You will never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy, and expired food products…

Walmart will be constructing a brand new “Super-Walmart” in Cheektowaga, to replace the older one in the Thruway Plaza.  Where will the new store be built? Where the existing Super-Flea is.  I don’t know what my feelings are supposed to be about this…

Barring any lawsuits by litigious preservationists who may find the decrepit flea market building historically significant and culturally important, it looks like Benderson Development, owners of the flea market, may try to relocate the “store”, but no plans were forthcoming at time of writing this.

Reaction on Facebook has already been volatile, as these selected quotes show:

“Where else am I going to shop at when I want to pick up some random rusted metal bits of machinery?

“I don’t want to get dressed up all fancy to shop at Walmart!”

“Walmart charges too much for hubcaps. I’d rather buy mine back at the Super-Flea, when they collect the ones that have popped off of cars driving throughout the city.”

“It’s so much easier for me to sell my stolen goods at the Super Flea, rather than trying to fence them at some pawn shop.”

“I can buy cheaply made Chinese name-brand knock-offs inexpensively at Super Flea . Now I’ll have to buy real name brand products at Walmart, which also happen to be cheaply made items from China.”

Cheektowaga Supervisor Mary Holtz says she hopes that the news about Walmart’s new supercenter will distract from other issues in the town, such as the ridiculously high taxes due to the 432 different school districts that operate in the town, and that the few low paying, union free jobs that Walmart will bring will shut some people up.