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Week 2 Staff Predictions: Bills vs Chiefs

Frank: 31-23, Bills- If either of them has a set, both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mario Williams will bounce back this week in an attempt to silence the critics. You may look at this and see that the Bills have improved to 1-1, but that's simply not the case. The Bills become the first team in league history to score more points and still not win the game because they have….THE LOSING DISEASE.

Aaron: 24-20, Bills- I don't think the Bills will be as bad as they were last week, but still won't put together a complete game, but neither will the Chiefs. Cassel throws for 300 yards and a couple touchdowns, but the Bills' defense is stout against the run and forces a couple turnovers to swing the game. Mario will bounce back with a good performance, feeding off his first taste of the rowdy crowd at the Ralph. Expect Fitz to play the role of Trent Dilfer this week; safe throws and feeding the ball to Spiller a whole lot. Ugly game by both sides.

Joe: 17-7, Bills- I just can't see how the Bills will lose to the Chiefs after kicking their asses last year by 34 points. The Bills are better on paper than last year's team while the Chiefs seem to be the same. However, the Chiefs defense does scare me a bit. After allowing 8 touchdown passes in their first two games last year, the Chiefs' secondary settled down and only allowed 15 passing TDs the rest of the way. They also allowed only three 100 yard rushers last year. Of course, one of those backs was Fred Jackson. They also only allowed one 300-yard passer and can get after the QB. I just think the Bills offense is slightly better than the Chiefs and being at home has an advantage. The Bills defense isn't as bad as we saw it against the Jets. Also, Cassell has been a grease fire against the Bills for his career. He has a QB rating of 67.2 to go along with five interceptions. If Shawne Merriman on a bad leg and Dwan Edwards sucking can hold the Chiefs to 7 points last year, the new and better cast should be able to do it again.

Chris: 27-23, Bills- KC could be missing a few players and I just don't think Matt Cassel is all that special. Of course, most people didn't think much about Mark Sanchez.

Alex Jank: 24-13, Chiefs- Because I'd rather be wrong and happy than wrong and depressed.

Jay G.: 23-21, Bills- You wanna be a playoff team?  Beat a rather un-extraordinary Kansas City team in your home opener.  Of course, given current trends, the Bills won't make it easy for themselves.

Brandon: 24-20, Bills. Football fans in Kansas City can't be too fond of the Bills recently. Somehow, despite all the terrible game we've witnessed over the years, the Bills still manage to whack the Chiefs almost every time. I mean, who could forget Trent Edwards dropping 53 points on 'em in 2008 in one of the quirkiest games of the past decade? And last year the 41-7 win in the opener took everyone by surprise. Since 2007, the Bills are 3-1 in games against the Chiefs. It won't be as lopsided this time around — Jamaal Charles will run all over the place and KC's defense is pretty underrated if you ask me — but I'm still holding out hope the Bills just might have a tiny clue how to play football (maybe?). If only we could play the Chiefs all 16 games…

Mike T.: 24-10, Bills- When thinking about this matchup, I was struck by a number of similarities.  Both had a ton of injuries last season and feature a starting running back who finished last year on IR; both are trying to shoehorn a former backup QB into a starter's role, paying him big bucks without a lot of success thus far; and both gave up 40+ points last week and got their asses handed to them.  None of this means anything, of course – I just thought that was an interesting set of circumstances. Anyway, I'm going with 24-10 because I think the Bills are the more likely of the two teams to bounce back, and also because that was the score when I played this matchup in Madden last night.

Michael Necci: 24-20, BillsI predicted the Bills to win six games this year, and this was one of the six. We all know how bad the QB is for the Bills. We know how bad they looked on both sides of the ball at the Jets, but I think they come out with fire, a sense of urgency and pull this one out. They better, because I'll be there. If the Bills somehow lose this game, the fall out will be devastating. Fans are ready to push them off the cliff. A loss here will have the fans, the team, and the organization reeling. Do I want them to win? Of course! But the cynic in me would love to see the reaction and the fall out of a what could be a devastating season on the brink loss. (Evil grin/laugh)

Alex Beilman: 27-17, Bills– What's that? A Bills victory? Yes. I'm calling it. Sure, Fitzmagic was Fitztragic last week against the Jets. But the man's got pride, dammit. Plus, he can't possibly be that terrible two weeks in a row, right? I predict the Bills score 27 because Lindell will either nail two FGs or miss a PAT because God hates my fantasy team. I just pray the defense doesn't make the Chiefs O-Line look like the best in the league like they did for the Jets.

Fake Darcy: 3-2, Bills- Powerplay seals it.