Chris: 24-14, Cleveland- My hometown versus my college town. I remember when the Browns came back to the NFL that I had a soft spot for them and even thought of adopting them as my second team. Then I went to school in Cleveland, learned that Cleveland sports fans give Buffalo's a run for their relative sporting IQ and the rest is history. The Browns offense was anemic in week one but exploded in week two. Their defense is stout and could present some issues to Ryan Fitzpatrick and the passing game – they have five INTs and get to the QB. I think the Bills offense, on the whole, is better. I also feel like the Bills defense is more balanced and is less likely to get torn up by the Browns offense. However, something tells me this might just be a let down. The Bills haven't played the Browns well in a long time.

Brandon: 23-13, Bills- This game might be a little closer than some people think. It's obviously going to come down to which Brandon Weeden and Trent Richardson the Bills defense allows to take the field. If the rookie duo plays like they did last week, and the Buffalo D returns to Week 1 form, I think they'll give the Bills a run for their money. Conversely, I'm expecting C.J. Spiller to have another nice performance. My eyes will be on Ryan Fitzpatrick all game, though. If he can't put up numbers against this Browns secondary it may be a good time to sound the alarm on the Bills' signal caller. In any event, let's just pray Sunday's Bills vs. Browns matchup doesn't hold true to its recent snoozefest theme.

Michael Necci: 27-24, Bills — This game will be a lot closer then it should be. Buffalo is far more talented on both sides of the ball, but these are the Bills and they're on the road  where craziness will ensue. Last time the Bills won a road game was September 11, 2011. The opener in Kansas City (A crying shame Buffalo can't play KC 16x's a year). Last time the Bills won in Cleveland was in September of 1995. I was a Senior in High School. The Browns looked a lot better last week on both sides of the ball vs Cincinnati. Weeden went for 322 and Trent Richardson looked really good with two scores. The Bills run defense will be put to the test, so look for Richardson to get 20+ carries. Buffalo needs to RUN, RUN, RUN on Sunday. The offensive line looked fantastic last week and they need to carry that momentum. The best stat wasn't the zero turnovers or sacks by the offense, but how Fitzpatrick only threw 19 times. If Gailey can keep Fitz between 20-25 throws and get Spiller 20+ touches, then the Bills should *SHOULD* win.

Mike Tracz: 4-3, Bills- As Marv Levy always used to say: "Run and stop the run."  That, I think, is the storyline of the game: can CJ Spiller keep up his torrid pace against a middle-of-the-pack Browns run defense, and after shutting down the Jets and Chiefs on the ground, can the Bills do the same to Trent Richardson, arguably their biggest test to date?  I'm going with "yes" and "yes".  (The hockey-like score prediction is obviously based on the 6-3 and 8-0 games from 2009 and 200 – also, because it's now starting to sink in that hockey isn't coming back anytime soon.  I miss hockey already.)

Frank: 35-24, Bills- Buffalo is horrendous on the road. Cleveland is just plain horrendous. It's closer than folks expect, but the Bills win this one.

Aaron: 30-16, Bills- I am actually a little nervous about this game. It has a very similar feeling to last year when everyone in Buffalo overlooked the Bengals en route to a loss. The Bills will get off to a slow start and it will be tight early, but the offense will explode in the second half to ensure an Ohio letdown does not occur two years in a row. Chan will live up to his word that this offense is now run-first as Spiller runs wild while touching the ball 25 times. As I predict 46 points, remember that it is still the Bills and Browns. A 6-3 barnburner is well within the cards.
Fake Darcy: 3-1, Bills- Late rouge spoils the shutout.
Alex Beilman: 31-10, Bills- As last week proved, they're not as bad as they looked against the New Jersey York Jets. The Browns are probably worse than the Chiefs, C.J. Spiller is awesome, and Fitzpatrick still threw for two TDs, which I can see him doing again, along with C.J. ripping off two more scores. The Bills will likely give up one long scoring drive that will make you want to throw your bowl of queso dip through the TV screen. Aside from that though, the defense will hold up and make Brandon Weeden curl up in the fetal position, much like Cassel did. Oh yeah, and Dick Jauron. Eff that guy.
Jay: 20-16, Bills- Buffalo's due for a road win.  Unfortunately, Ryan Fitzpatrick is also due for a couple of turnovers after going interception-free versus the Chiefs last week.  Good thing C.J. Spiller looks unstoppable right now.  Plus, the defense gets its first of many shots this season against a rookie/1st time starting QB.  Just keep Trent Richardson in check, and feast away on Brandon Wheedon to come back to WNY for Patriots Week at 2-1.
Alex Jank: 6-3, Bills- Sweet revenge from the classic 2009 matchup.
Joe: 17-13, Bills- The Bills are 6-18 in their last 24 road games. They haven't won on the road in 8 games and have lost by an average of 18 points. Fitz has thrown 2 or more picks in 6 of his last 7 roadies (16 overall). However, I don't really respect the Browns. Yes, I would have made the score more in favor for the Bills if this game was last week, but the Browns have been very competitive against teams who are better than what the Bills have faced. I just can't get by how these Brownies aren't exactly household names. Can you name two WRs? How about their defensive line? Quick..who is their coach? They just add nothing. The Browns' defense is pretty typical of Dick Jauron. They are 29th in total defense but are 13th in defensive scoring. Yup, give up a ton of yards and luck your way into forcing field goals. Bend but don't break. However, I think what this game will come down to is that the Bills have more talent. It is that simple. Fitz and Spiller should be better than Richardson and Wheedon. Again, I don't respect rookies. The Bills' Dline is better than the Browns' Dline. There's not a position I think the Browns are better at than the Bills. Maybe the OL, but that's it. I think the Bills can move the ball on Jauron's cover two by running the football down their throat. That's exactly what Thomas Jones and the Jets use to do against Jauron teams. It will be an ugly game. No doubts.