All right, I'm over the Browns game. I was over it at exactly 4:15 on Sunday or whenever the hell the final whistle sounded.

Let's talk New England.

During the heyday of the 90's Bills, Thurman Thomas coined the phrase, "It is Miami week." He'd famously get into one of his moods where he was pissed off at the world and wanted to take it out on Miami. We know you can't write the story of the Bills successes and failures without mentioning Miami. Back then the blood war started on Monday and it didn't end until Sunday. It was a buildup to a title bout, shit talking and all. I'm feeling that this week. It's exciting to see what the Bills could do against a team that isn't lead by Dick Jauron's defense or the reject New England Chiefs. If the Bills win, the town goes crazy and everyone is showing up 15 minutes late to work on Monday.

Okay, it is pretty naive to compare the Miami rivalry to playing New England. A rivalry has to be a two-way street. Boston fans look at our franchise like it's dog shit on the bottom of their shoes. You can't blame them since the Bills have beaten the Pats only once since the opener in 2003. I know we beat them last year, but just because a nerd bangs a super model one, it doesn't mean he's a player. Would you take the bet that the Pats will beat the Bills the next five times? Probably.

It gets so annoying to tip-toe around the Pats/Bills games. You want to believe, but history says don't bother. Well, I'm sick of that.

I want them to hate us. And not just because we're a divisional game, but because the Pats actually fear us. They fear us the way Miami did during the 90s. They fear we are going to take their spot. They fear that Mario Williams is going to beat Tom Brady like a government mule. I'm sick of saying they are way up there while we are down here. I'm sick of having the feeling of being picked last in gym class. I want to give us a puncher's chance. I want to give you some sort of William Wallace speech that they can take our football team, but they may never take our FREEEEEEEEEDOM!!!!

Alas…I…I…don't think…we…have a…chance?…ugh!

You wanna believe the Pats are beatable? Ah salute. You do realize they haven't lost 3 straight games in 10 years. You realize that the Ravens are better than the Bills? You realize the Pats have beaten us 20 out of the last 22 times we've played them? We don't have Spiller and maybe Fred Jackson can pull a Willis Reed out of his ass. (Editor's note: Ouch! Heh. -HB) I know we can get ourselves into a bubble and not allow the Pats strong points to get in.  We know that if you want to beat Tom Brady, you need to look at what the Giants did to beat him. Have your front four get pressure on Brady without blitzing. Have your corners play press coverage and take away the underneath routes. We have a front four that can get after the QB. We have corners who can play press coverage. Is it possible?

I guess.

We all know that the Bills have played better against the Pats in the first match-up of the season. The average loss then is by 10 points with two victories thrown in.  The second time around is usually worse.  Since 2001, the Bills have lost by an average of 22 points in the second match-up. I can get there. Fitz has thrown for 8 touchdowns in his last four games against New England (I'll leave out that he has 11 picks in those four games). Throw in that Fred Jackson has averaged 5 yards a carry against the Pats. I can whip out a piece about five reasons the Bills can beat the Pats, but what is the point?

They fricken own us.

It is not about being typical Buffalo/Negative guy, it is about getting our asses whipped constantly. I've picked the Bills to beat the Pats a few times during the last 10 years and I got burned badly.

Last year's win was more luck than it was skill. Come on. Four picks by Brady? Ocho Cinco drops a TD pass? We come back from 21 down? Seriously, will that ever happen again? Yes, the gorilla is off their back and the 15 game losing streak is over, but we are still stuck in the cage with King Kong.

I hate to take the loser approach, but if the Bills lost 20-17 and they beat the living crap out of Brady, I would totally take that. I'd take that as a sign they are moving in the right direction. However, if the Pats come in and kick our teeth in by like 20? Eh. Playoffs won't be out of the question, but you may as well skip the divisional game because they ain't getting there.

It is sad.

Only the Pats still haunt my dreams. It could be Green Bay or Baltimore this week and I still would put up a fight against the bully trying to steal my lunch money. I could even get to the point of picking Buffalo. Alas, it is New England and they have been stealing our lunch money for years. Yup, they are up there and we are still down here… unless we beat them again they will still be in my head.