by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills must continue to stress consistency on both sides of the ball during the 2012-2013 seasons. It seems this very important factor is eluding the hometown team. There is little doubt that the Bills western swing of games was already marked on the schedule as long shot wins. If this team stands any chance of improving there are certain fundamental issues that we have to look at.

These several factors that must be considered as to why this team has had trouble putting together a consistent 60 minute effort during its games this season. First I believe our coaching staff needs to do a better job in game adjustments. Each team tries to add a new wrinkle, or disguise there bread and butter play to throw a team off. Unfortunately this has become a major issue with our coaching staff this year and it has cost us dearly. If you can’t help your players recognize these things during the game as quick as possible it can lead to a quick onslaught of points similar to what happened during the New England game.

The other issue is the inconsistent play at the quarterback position this year. Ryan Fitzpatrick has just not been consistent at the most important position on the field. He seems to have a problem making all the essential NFL throws. This is critical in how other coaches scout the Buffalo Bills offense because they will take away what you do best in the hope of baiting you into the things you struggle with. Ryan Fitzpatrick has not been able to throw a consistent long ball, down an out, and various touch throws seem to give him a lot of trouble.

Another issue that I am struggling to understand is the inconsistency of their pass rush and this was supposed to be the strength of this football team on paper. So far this year it seems that this highly touted unit has failed miserably to live up to expectations. None of this high priced lineman is getting to the quarterback consistently this season putting a lot of pressure on your defensive backs. The other difficulty with the defensive line is their poor play against the run this year. This criticism is especially aimed at defensive end Mario Williams who has failed to live up to expectations as a dominant defensive end. Recently it was disclosed that Mario has an injured wrist, and if this affects your play then he should not be in the game.

The last issue I have with this team is the turnovers that are being committed at the most inopportune times during the game. If the Bills don’t solve these issues soon this is going to be along season.

Downtown Buffalo Stadium Project Update

The Petition drive continues as we have gathered more than 2400 signatures and growing.

We are also eagerly awaiting the results of the cement study which sources have told us will switch the discussion to a new stadium rather than attempt to renovate the aging, and crumbling Ralph Wilson Stadium. My sources have told me that they estimate it would cost more than 300-600 million dollars to correct the structural damage at One Bills Drive . If we take the lesser estimate of 300 million+ 220 Million requested by the Bills that would = 520 Million dollars to invest in a stadium that could only last 5-10 years with very little economic revenue for western New York.

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