I've been on a few dates in my life. We all have. I'm not going to try and pretend to be cupid or a playboy, but I'm pretty sure we all have a gameplan when we go on these dates. When should you be affectionate? When should you make the first move? When should you ask the girl to come home? When can you be yourself? 

You have all these questions, but during the date, you assess how it is going before you start answering these questions. If the girl looks to be digging your style, you make a move. If she's not, you try and get her drunk or you make a joke. If things go bad and it's cold between the two of you, then it is time to tuck your tail and fight another day…or date.  At the end of the day, you assess the environment you are in. It is about the situation. You don't have the same plan on every date is what I'm getting at. You feel off the vibe. You execute the gameplan when you assess the situation you are in.

Chan Gailey has absolutely no vibe or moves.

He has dating prowess of Screech Powers. He bitches about his ex-girlfriend when his date doesn't want to hear it. He starts texting when she's playing footsie with him. He doesn't have a feel for the game. He zigs when he should be zagging. He overthinks things when he already has the girl in the palm of his hand or he doesn't make a move when the girl is calling for it. His timing is just off. The last three weeks are perfect examples of it:

49ers vs. Bills: The Bills get a turnover with under a minute left. They are LUCKY to be trailing by 7 points. They are inside their own 20-yard line. Now, you feel the situation out. You haven't done anything against the 49ers defense. They have been killing you. If it was a shootout and you've been marching the ball down the field for most of the game, maybe I can get behind that. But the situation called for the team to goto half and regroup. What do they do? They try marching the ball down the field and turn the ball over. San Fran scores on the next play. Game over.

Cards vs. Bills: The stupid Brad Smith pass play comes to mind. I don't have a problem with Smith throwing the ball if it is in the 2nd quarter. NOT when you are nursing a lead with less than five minutes remaining. You play conservative.

Bills vs. Titans: This was a shootout, right? Is it really being aggressive if you are going for 2 which would have given you a 7 point lead? It's not. It is called simple math. If you miss it, you only need a field goal to beat the Titans if they score a TD. If you make it, you don't have to worry about trailing. Gailey's excuse as to why they didn't go for it had to with the clock. He didn't want to go for it with more than 10-minutes remaining. Huh? Again, you throw away your plans you had going into this game because the situation calls for it. The game has become a shootout. You need points. The Titans are going to score again. It is a situation you have to be aggressive. And of course, let's finish this not feeling the vibe moment by Gailey with Fitzpatrick throwing a terrible INT in a situation that called for you to be conservative. You couldn't call a screen? Nope. Maybe if you make the Titans go the length of the field instead of an Arena League field, we win today.

In the end,  there is nothing wrong with being aggressive or conservative. It is all about the situation you are in. It is looking at all the players at the blackjack table to see what they have showing and not just looking at your own cards. You have to get a feel for yourself and the opponent as if you are on a date. It is never the same. There is never a set gameplan of when it is too early to go for two or go for a kiss.

Alas, Gailey must not have dated since the 70s, because he just doesn't have that feel anymore.

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