Halloween is just around the corner. Statistics show that vandalism and property damage account for a greater proportion of crime compared to other days of the year. Even though it’s a fun holiday with costumes and candy, there are some special considerations you should make with regard to decorations, costumes, props and more.

 Here are some simple tips to help you protect your property, you and your trick or treaters from Halloween hazards.

tay away from using paper or dried plant decorations – they are easily ignitable.

lways remove masks/costumes that may impair your ability to see while driving.

lashlights, glow sticks or battery powered candles are safer alternatives to regular candles.

xtinguish any candles after the trick or treating is finished and before going to sleep.


ave a fire extinguisher handy in case of accidental fire.

void costumes and decorations/props that are not flame resistant

abels on decorative props and paints should be checked to make sure they will not create

    permanent damage to your home or property.

ock up or put away any outdoor valuables (car, grills, motorcycle, etc).

nly use electrical decoration that have been tested by an independent lab

ork with your neighbors to keep an eye out for potential vandalism or criminal activity.

ggs can cause permanent damage to painted surfaces (cars, siding) and worsen the longer

    they remain – check surfaces before going to bed, just in case!

lectronic props are fun and effective, but be careful not to overload your outlets which may

     have the potential to cause a fire.
ightfall brings on the pranksters. Consider putting away your decorations at the end of the

     night to protect them from vandalism.