by Gloria Dulan-Wilson

Fellow Blogger Curtis Moore emailed me a link to an article that appeared in The Blaze on actress Stacey Dash, who put her foot in her mouth, all the way up to her knee caps, when she said she was voting for Mitt-twit Romney for president instead of President Barack Obama. As usual, my comments are in red:

“Less than two days after she was bombarded with hateful messages on Twitter because she publicly endorsed GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, actress Stacey Dash, perhaps best known for her starring role in Clueless, sat down with Piers Morgan on CNN to discuss the fury that ensued following her seemingly innocent tweet.


“Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney,” Dash posted on her official Twitter page, along with a photo of herself with an American flag.

“Morgan sarcastically introduced Dash on Tuesday as “the most controversial woman in America” because “she had the audacity as a black actress to vote for Mitt Romney.”

It’s obvious that Ms. Dash has no concept or understanding about the importance of the strives we’ve made through history; she’s obviously CLUELESS about the accomplishments President Obama has achieved despite the machinations of the rep-ugh-blicans, who are not only insensitive and greedy, but overtly racist, to thwart his efforts bring America out of the economic and social nosedive the Bush-Cheyney-Rove crew took us through for 8 years. “When I read about this, I felt offended for you,” the host added. “I don’t have a horse in this race. I’m British. I can’t vote for anybody. But the idea that you as a black actress would come under such venomous attacks purely because you decided to vote for one of the two candidates is extremely objectionable.”

Dash, who is 47-years-ol but looks 20 years younger, explained that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and she merely used her platform to exercise her “First Amendment right as an American citizen” to say who she was voting for.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, obviously Ms. Dash has a penchant for self destruction, or she has no regard for her own Black brothers and sisters. She talks about her First Amendment rights, but apparently she forgot how her civil and voting rights were obtained through blood, sweat, tears; with people laying their lives on the line so she could be a part of movie like CLUELESS. Where was her mouth about wanting a change when Bush was taking the country down the toilet. Did she really think Obama was going to turn 8 years of neglect and greed around in less than 4 years? Can she possibly be that clueless? Or did she think her stuff didn’t stink? Or is it that she feels that she can thumb her nose at her own people

“Surprisingly, Dash actually voted for Barack Obama in 2008 but she has switched her vote because of the current “state of the country.” Dash says she is ready for real change.want the next four years to be different,” she added. “I chose (Romney), not by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.”

Really, Stacey. Really??? It’s obvious you’re a poor judge of character. The content of Romney’s character is so heinous you smell the sulfur as soon as he enters the room. How many jobs has he developed for Black people, or people of color (other than the sweat shops on foreign shores?) Since when has what he’s done, done anything good for the people at large. Of course, if you’re looking for some kind of vicarious notoriety for taking an opposite tack from the rest of us, while at the same time quoting Dr. Martin Luther King (who must be rolling over in his grave for your abusing his statement). Apparently the only character you understand is the one they scripted you for: CLULESS.

“Dash said she really doesn’t understand why her tweet caused such an uproar. She said she is “shocked” and “saddened” but not “angry” about the unfair attacks against her, adding the incident shows that we are not united as a nation.

The truth of the matter is that we actually are united as a nation; she’s the one horribly out of step. Obviously she’s not been affected by the Bush policies, which caused massive economic downturns and stress, business, home and job loss; apparently she’s been hanging with a crowd, who, at the very core, have so propagandized her to the point that she is not only CLUELESS, but an embarrassment to both Black people and women.

“Morgan proceeded to read some of the nasty tweets targeting the actress. “Kill yourself you old hag,” read Morgan, who later called the messages “very disgusting.”
“That’s a little harsh,” Dash agreed.” (Yeah – I agree too – we do have freedom of speech here; so no matter how much I disagree with her, I’m not looking for her demise.)

“The actress also revealed that vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has since reached out to her. She said Ryan told her she is brave and that she has both his support and Romney’s.”

Did she read any of his policies or legislation? Does she have any inkling as to who he is or what he stands for? Maybe she would like to take a stand in behalf of Akin as well.

“I thought that was just so generous and kind,” she said. The Obama campaign has not reached out to her.”

To do what? What does she have to offer? She has already shown she is CLUELESS. Not that we don’t have room for all walks of life in the Black community. But they tend to have the good sense to not put their CLUELESSNESS on display. It’s called being discrete; it’s called common sense.

“As for other African-Americans who feel personally obligated to vote for Obama because he is black, Dash advised them to do their “homework. Do your homework. Look at your country. Think about the next four years of your life,” she said. “Also, look at Mitt Romney’s track record. As a CEO, he has excelled. As governor of Massachusetts, he did quite well. And listen to what he says — I believe him and I believe he deserves a shot.”

Actually, she has to do her homework. Obviously she is uninformed, misinformed, and otherwise CLUELESS about what President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and the rest of the cabinet have accomplished in bringing America back from the precipice of destruction. Speaking about shot, she has so shot herself in the foot with her mouth and her tweet – showing that she is a Mitt-twit par excellence.

“Before ending the interview, Morgan told Dash that he defends her right to “vote for who the hell you like.”

“The idiots who are tweeting you are… clueless,” Morgan said.

Actually, Piers, you were right in the first place, you really don’t have a nickel in this dime; you don’t get to hand out invectives against people who are righteously appalled that Ms. Dash is so CLUELESS that she doesn’t realize that her IGNORANCE is showing. How sad for her. And, while she does have some “celebrity” status of sorts, she has moved herself over to the “dumb blonde negro” category, where no one (at least among us) will take her seriously, or respect her. In point of fact, most of us feel it’s a veiled publicity stunt to boost ratings she never had, and most likely won’t have after this. But, at least it did get her on your show – so maybe that ploy worked after all – hmmmm!

And Mr. Morgan should know that Ms. Dash is truly the CLUELESS one; she was obviously perfectly cast even before we knew it. It won’t be the first or last time, however, that publicity seekers have tried to stab one of their own – i.e the Black community – in the back. Vocalist Millie Jackson springs to mind, when she decided to defy our boycott against South Africa, during apartheid, and went to perform there, when other artists – Black and white – had vowed to not do so until apartheid had ended. It was nearly 10 years before she ever got to sing before an audience again. We stopped buying her records, she stopped getting bookings. We shut her down. Never under estimate our solidarity.

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PS: Just for point of clarification: Eclectically Black News for Eclectic Black People is basically inclusive of Black people from all mixes, accents, cultures, economies, geographies, philosophies – from the highest and best, and most positively empowering standpoint. And, while I certainly recognize that we are not all going to think, act, walk, talk or look alike, I do believe in an underlying philosophy that we do have to have each other’s back, the way other ethnic and racial groups stand together for each other. And Stacey has crossed that line to the other side, as far as I’m concerned, into the realm of negro. For me, Black is not just a color, it’s a state of mind, it’s a quality and a philosophy – and we know it when we see it, feel it and display it. Stacey just went cullud on us. It’s a good thing the rest of us are here to take up the slack, and stay truly, Eclectically Black. GDW