Co-owner of Burning Books, Nate Buckley, addresses his current legal battle, and wider issues of social, economic, and environmental injustice that influenced both his and many other Buffalo peace activists to march downtown on April 8, 2011. Burning Books/Facebook Event Page Description ( ): "Back in April Nate [Buckley] was brutalized and maced by NFTA police during a peaceful downtown protest at M&T Bank. Buckley's case was drawing grassroots attention to bank bailouts and unequal distribution of wealth six months before the Occupy Wall St movement. Buckley's trial is set to be argued before a jury starting on January 9th. Come see Buckley give a public presentation on his case with supportive arguments given by local Activists (and former international political prisoners), Santiago Masferrer (exiled from Chile) and Zaw Win (exiled from Burma)." Personal disclosure: I helped to make a couple of signs for the rally 2 days before, but did not attend (for reasons I am still not sure of). In retrospect, I should have been there, filming. Fortunately, one individual did so, and caught evidence of misconduct on behalf of the NFTA cops. UNEDITED FOOTAGE OF THE BEATING/ARREST (18 and over only, according to YouTube Guidelines): Short documentary interview with Nate regarding the circumstances of the incident (with footage): For more information regarding Nate's case, refer to the following articles "Peace Marcher Beaten And <b>…</b>